Maternity App Alert: 6 Of The Best Pregnancy And Baby Apps For 2015

Maternity App Alert: 6 Of The Best Pregnancy And Baby Apps For 2015




Finding out that you are expecting can be one of the best news for many, but it can also feel a bit over whelming for others. In this day and age, with the birth of better technology and smart phones, there are dozens and dozens of apps catered to moms-to-be to help them nagivate the day to day of pregnancy. Most apps out there are filled with loads of information that is sure to keep the mom-to-be in the know, but be advised that apps cannot act as a doctor in diagnosing your pregnancy symptoms. If you should any concerns about your pregnancy, be sure to consult your doctor.

Here are some pretty cool maternity app must haves for every expecting mother. 






This app is great for mamas-to-be because sometimes, you just need to know the healthiest and not so healthy things to eat for the sake of your baby. It has easy to navigate through the menus and you never have to second guess whether that cheese you are about to eat is a good choice or not. This app only cost 99 cents to install on your iphone or android so take advantage of this cool voice of reason. 





This free app suitable for iphones and androids users. It keeps you in the know of the week by week progression of your pregnancy. It also lets you know what symptoms you should be feeling at any given point of your pregnancy with diagrams and illustrations. This app also features a community message board to get discussions going on every topic pertaining to pregnancy.





This awesome app is free for apple users. It has amazing color 3D images of your baby's development, a weight tracker tool, contraction timer and an interactive pregnancy journal to help you record special moments with your little one. This app cost $3.99 but you can get Pregnancy Sprout Lite for free, which pretty much does the same things without the extra charge.




This app offers diet, exercise and labor information, contraction timer, baby shopping list, week by week pregnancy info, a personal weight log and diary entries. It also features color and scan images, kick counter and lots of baby name ideas to choose from. The app is free and is compatible with iphone users.




This app title is exactly what you'll get. It guides through every step of what to expect when you are expecting such as pregnancy tips, day to day development, stories of moms that have been through what you are experiencing, real time photo sharing with mommy meet ups with real moms. You can also search for the right group based on your due date, parenting style, location, medical conditions, etc.  It even offers personalized emotional support in your daily feed. What's there not to like about this awesome app?




This app is a pregnancy kick counter that allows you to keep track of your baby's kicks and this information can easily be shared with your doctor and loved ones through emails/ The baby kicks app keeps track of where you are even if you are not by your phone. Cool right? It also saves your data and you can listen to music while you count. Talk about multitasking!  This app cost $0.99 cents  and you can get the "Baby Kicks Monitor" for free.


 Which pregnancy apps are you using right now?

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