Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Adorable DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids


There is nothing we love more than dressing up our kids during Halloween. Every year, parents, kids, teenagers, and most adults look forward to celebrating Halloween. It is a fun and exciting time of the year when everyone gets to dress up and be super creative in making their costumes.

While this may have been a challenging time for all of us, it doesn't mean that we can't have a little fun with our kids in putting them in totally adorable, may-slightly-be-awkward-but-still-funny-for-us Halloween costumes without breaking the bank. We round up some of our favorite DIY Halloween costumes for kids. Check them out below.  


Creative Kids Halloween Costumes

Who doesn't love opening their front doors for coffee and donuts? A little creativity goes a long way. A box of donuts and carton cutouts that can be attached to your little girl's tutu. Remind you, there may be sticky fingerprints all over this costume from the donuts and that's totally okay, too.
Source: @beccadutkiewicz 


Chicken Little Kids Costumes
I am sure that everyone would agree that Chicken Little is one of the best movies Disney has ever made, this costume will impress anyone who sees this cute costume! Make sure you have extra glue sticks on hand!
Source: @allisonnoellexo



Styrofoam Halloween Costume

Pasta anyone? Yes, your little baby can have a little Halloween fun, too. Thick yarn, glue gun and lots of glue sticks, styrofoam balls and you're good to go. Look how clever this costume is! Bon Appetit!
Source: @chrismacambronero


Magical Costumes

Magical costume does not have to be glitz and glamour, this super cool witch costume is wicked! Get a little crafty with all the usual Halloween items you can find, there's a lot to be reused from last year's costume to turn them into a new one. When in doubt, add glitter!
Source: @kristensellentin


Cotton ball Costumes

When you see these two cuties outside your house, I’m sure you’ll force your best friend to have the same costume! Nothing beats glueing a lot of cotton balls you have at home and going through nana's collection of scarves and accessories to pull this off!
Source: @fearless.momma


Pink weekends

Halloween may not fall on a Wednesday this year but it doesn't mean we can't wear pink on weekends. Simple and sweet, just look for the cutest baby pink dress in your daughter’s closet and buy few balloons and you can easily copy this look.
Source: @arinsolange


Crafty Costumes

We think we can all agree that these past few months, we've all tried to be or learn how to be a little crafty. No need to stress yourself on what costume you should get, emojis have wide range of costume ideas. Get a pair of scissors and art paper, lots of ideas all around. 
Source: @isaacsjewel


Grocery items Costumes

Who knew that all the grocery trips will make for a cute Halloween costume, right? This is such an easy and fun DIY costume idea! Get your little one a princess costume that's not the usual pink lacy ones. It is Halloween after all, any and new ideas are great ideas.
Source: @hellojessicalauren



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