How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

We love the history of stretch marks - especially if we have them because we are bringing another life into this world. But let’s get real here. Though they are painless and probably won’t harm your health, it will be great if we can avoid them anyway. (Am I getting yeses here? 👀)

To know how you may possibly prevent stretch marks, just read on. 😉

Watch your weight gain

Stretchmarks during pregnancy


Although it’s guaranteed that you will gain weight when you become pregnant, you can reduce the likelihood of getting stretch marks if you gain a healthy amount of weight at a steady pace. Stretch marks appear when the elastic tissues in the skin break as your skin stretches too quickly than what it can accommodate.

The recommended weight gain varies in each pregnant woman and is relative to your pre-pregnancy weight—whether you are overweight, underweight, or in a healthy weight.

Make sure to ask your doctor how much you can gain each month to control your weight as gaining a lot can cause some health conditions for you and your baby.

Use a moisturizer

Best Stretchmarks Moisturizer

Your skin is going to be stretched to accommodate size changes due to pregnancy and this is the time when you should give your skin extra tender love and care. 

Though not one skin product has proven to work all the time in preventing stretch marks, keeping your belly moisturized with these products may help reduce the risk of itching as the skin stretches.

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Hydrate during pregnancy


Nourish your skin from the inside. Drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you eat foods with vitamins A, C, E, and zinc - these are the nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy. 

Some of these foods are:

  • Fish (rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E)
  • Avocados (vitamin E)
  • Walnuts (zinc and vitamin E)
  • Broccoli (zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C)
  • Tomatoes ( vitamin C)


Get vitamin D

Get Vitamin D during pregnancy


According to Dr. Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, vitamin D is involved in cell turnover, which ultimately improves the appearance of the skin. source

So bask in the sun and get your daily dose of vitamin D! 🌞(And don’t forget your sunscreen!)

Tip: It’s best to get exposure to the sun during midday when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. It’s healthy to get moderate exposure; prolonged exposure to the sun can be harmful to your skin.

Get regular exercise

Stretchmarks Prevention


Exercise is always beneficial to anyone, even to pregnant women (in normal and healthy pregnancies). 

Exercising during pregnancy doesn’t mean losing weight. Apart from the many benefits you can get from it, exercising keeps your body active and promotes blood circulation to the skin that helps rebuild itself.

Some of the activities you can do to stay active while pregnant are:

  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Group dance/aerobics
  • Indoor cycling
  • Pilates
  • Yoga

Consult your healthcare provider to make sure you are healthy enough to do exercises during your pregnancy.

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