blame it on the Preggo Brain

Oops, blame it on the Preggo Brain!

We’ve all been there, mommas. Tried to play it cool, said we wouldn’t be like other preggo mommas who tell funny (uhm, embarrassing)  stories about having pregnancy brain, yet here we are.
We’ve gathered some of our favorite #PreggoBrain memes. Can you relate to any of these?
DISCLAIMER: We should probably post this on our foreheads to let everyone around us know that it’s not us, it’s the preggo brain messing with us.🤦🏻‍♀️
That frustrating moment when you’re about to leave the house to meet your BFFs over brunch but you can’t find your shoes.
blame it on the Preggo Brain
What the baby wants, the baby gets.
You’d think that just because we’re growing another human inside, it already means we’re going to be twice as good at everything. Well, NOPE.
Please don’t ask me where your things are or where I kept the measuring cups. Even I can’t trust myself right now.
Can’t believe we’re already out of cereals. I just bought a box two days ago!
Panicking because I have to pee but the house keys won’t work.

Sometimes, we just need our BFFs to lend us a hand and help us to literally figure out what we want.
To all the misplaced items, messy counters, forgotten chores… And for our family and friends for being so patient with us. Sorry, but blame it on this preggo brain!





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