Your Baby’s Size This Week In Comparison with Fruits and Veggies

Your Baby’s Size This Week In Comparison with Fruits and Veggies

Leek - Week 38
Scallion - Week 26

As weeks go by, your bump will be more visible and you probably can’t wait to start wearing your maternity clothes to show it off. But did it ever cross your mind how fast the little life in your womb is growing? We know it’s hard to picture, so let’s see how much your baby grows week by week and make it more fun by comparing your baby’s size with our fave fruit and veggies. 🍉🥦🥕


How big is my baby?

In the first 3 weeks, you may not be able to tell that you’re pregnant. This is the time when your body is preparing to bear a child and there’s no significant development in the embryo yet in terms of size. 


Baby Size at Week 4: Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed - week 4

Your baby is an embryo with the size of a poppy seed.


Baby Size at Week 5: Peppercorn

Peppercorn Week 5

The size of your baby now is that of a peppercorn’s. During this week, body organs such as the heart, brain, blood vessels and spinal cord are being developed.


Baby Size at Week 6: Lentil

Lentil - Week 6

Your baby now is like a lentil, about ¼ inch long.


Baby Size at Week 7: Blueberry

Blueberry - Week 7

The size of your baby has doubled from last week and is now as big as a blueberry.


Baby Size at Week 8: Kidney Bean

Kidney Bean - week 8

Your baby is about the size of a kidney bean, about over ½ inch long and is constantly moving inside your womb. Don’t get too excited though because these little movements may not be felt notably yet.


Baby Size at Week 9: Cherry

Cherry - Week 9

From an embryo, your baby is now a fetus about the size of a cherry. By this week, the genitals and digestive tract are in place. You may start feeling the symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and nausea.


Baby Size at Week 10: Kumquat

Kumquat  - Week 10

Your baby is about the size of a kumquat and is a little over an inch long. The eyelids and eyebrows are being formed, the arms and the legs being developed, and the heart is fully functioning.


Baby Size at Week 11: Brussels sprout

Brussel Sprouts - Week 11

Your baby’s size can now be compared to a Brussels sprout which is around 1.5 inches long with his/her fingernails starting to grow and arteries and veins being developed.


Baby Size at Week 12: Lime

Lime - Week 12

At this stage, your baby is the size of a lime, a little over 2 inches long and is now developing bones.


Baby Size at Week 13: Peapod

Peapod - Week 13

Your baby is as long as a peapod now and almost 3 inches from head to bottom.


Baby Size at Week 14: Lemon

Lemon - Week 14

Your baby is the size of a big lemon and all her internal organs continue to mature. This is also the stage when she starts to exercise her facial muscles that give different expressions.


Baby Size at Week 15: Apple

Apple  - Week 15

She’s now the size of an apple, about 4 inches long with her sense of hearing being developed. 


Baby Size at Week 16: Avocado

Avocado - Week 16

Now about 4.5 inches long, your baby has grown around the size of an avocado. Her circulatory system is in place, and she can make a fist or suck her thumb.


Baby Size at Week 17: Pear

Pear - Week 17

Around 5 inches long, your baby is now the size of a pear. The reproductive system begins to take shape and fingerprints are developed at this point.


Baby Size at Week 18: Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper - Week 18

You can compare your baby’s size to a bell pepper. The gender becomes clear at this stage and if you are having a boy, his genitals can be noticeable through an ultrasound. You may also start to feel tiny baby kicks.


Baby Size at Week 19: Mango

Mango - Week 19

Roughly 6 inches long, your baby can now be compared to a mango. Organs continue to develop and lanugo is starting to form over the baby’s skin.


Baby Size at Week 20: Banana

Banana - Week 20

Now being measured from head to heel, your baby is now the size of a banana. She’s 10 inches long and her movements become more prominent. 


Baby Size at Week 21: Carrot

Carrot - Week 21

Your baby is now the size of a carrot, about 10.5 inches long. You may feel more subtle movements at this point.


Baby Size at Week 22: Papaya

Papaya - Week 22

When you hit 22 weeks, your baby will be the size of a papaya, around 11 inches long. The lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are almost developed and become more distinct.


Baby Size at Week 23: Eggplant

Eggplant - Week 23

Now the size of an eggplant, your baby is about 11.5 inches long. Her brain and hearing ability are continuously developing. 


Baby Size at Week 24: An Ear of Corn

An Ear of Corn - Week 24

Your baby can now be compared to an ear of corn, almost a foot long. Her lungs are developed to survive a premature delivery.


Baby Size at Week 25: Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash - Week 25

Your baby is now as big as acorn squash. At 25 weeks, your baby starts to do a few things like grabbing the umbilical cord or sticking out her tongue. The brain structure is also developing at this stage.


Baby Size at Week 26: Scallion

Scallion - Week 26

Your baby is now the length of a scallion at about 14 inches. The spinal cord is fairly developed and there’s more hair on her head this week. 


Baby Size at Week 27: Cauliflower

Cauliflower - Week 27

Measuring about 14.5 inches, your baby is now as big as the head of cauliflower. Ears have developed and she may be able to distinguish between your voice and her father’s voice.


Baby Size at Week 28: Kabocha Squash

Kabocha Squash - Week 28

Your baby is now close to 15 inches long and the size of the kabocha squash. At this stage, she is starting to open her eyes and blink.


Baby Size at Week 29: Butternut Squash

By this week, your baby is around the size of a butternut squash - a little over 15 inches long. Fat starts to accumulate under the skin and your baby starts to gain weight. 


Baby Size at Week 30: Large Cabbage

At this stage, your baby has grown into the size of a large cabbage. Bones start to harden and your baby develops a sleeping cycle. You know she is awake when she gives you a kick!


Baby Size at Week 31: Coconut

Coconut - Week 31

By now, your baby is as big as a coconut - about 16 inches from head to heel. At this point, your baby will continue to gain as much as a half-pound every week until she is born.


Baby Size at Week 32: Jicama

Jicama - Week 32

Your baby’s size is now comparable to jicama at almost 17 inches.


Baby Size at Week 33: Pineapple

Pineapple - Week 33

By this week, your baby is now the size of a pineapple.This time, her immune system is being developed.


Baby Size at Week 34: Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe - Week 34

She’s now almost 18 inches long and the size of a cantaloupe. The bones are fully developed by now and you can feel your baby’s movements more frequently.


Baby Size at Week 35: Honeydew Melon

Honeydew Melon - Week 35

Your baby is now as big as a honeydew melon at this stage, measuring a tad longer than 18 inches and positioned upside down in your uterus.


Baby Size at Week 36: Romaine Lettuce

Romaine Lettuce - Week 36

Now, your baby is the size of a head of romaine lettuce measuring more than 18.5 inches. Her position can be felt down in the abdomen as her head shifts down to the pelvis.


Baby Size at Week 37: Stalk of a Swiss Chard

Stalk of a Swiss Chard - Week 37

By now she’s as long as a stalk of Swiss Chard, roughly 19 inches from head to heel.


Baby Size at Week 38: Leek

Your baby is now about the length of a leek - more than 19.5 inches long and is ready for birthing.


Baby Size at Week 39: Small Watermelon

Small Watermelon - Week 39

Your baby is now around 20 inches long and resembles the size and weight of a small watermelon. By this time, she has shed most of the vernix and lanugo which covered her skin from the second semester.


Baby Size at Week 40: Watermelon

Big Watermelon- Week 40

Your baby is as big as a watermelon and she will arrive any day now. The average newborn weighs about 7.5lbs and measures about 20 inches long. 


We hope you had fun picturing the week-by-week size of your baby! If your baby doesn't meet the descriptions we mentioned in this article, remember that each baby and pregnancy are different. 🤰💕

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