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Celeb Moms-To-Be Who Dared To Go Bare And Nailed It!

Posted: Mar 10 2015


Maternity shoots are all the craze and it feels like everything have already been done a thousand times over. When prepping for a maternity shoot, you worry about what to wear, the theme of the shoot and the feeling you want to convey.

What if you decide against wearing anything at all and dare to go bare? If you are thinking about doing a nude maternity shoot, here are the women who did it and nailed it with class, taste and perfection. 


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"Kelly Rowland" nailed this shot with perfection. She concealed the goods and she looked flawless as she showed off her bump in the nude. The white curtain barely covering her adds a nice touch. The picture is sexy, effortless and very tasteful.


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This shot  is everything. Although you can argue she is not completely nude, there is really not much left to the imagination. This shot is simple, yet speaks volumes. It is chic and elegant and shows enough to make it tasteful. "Kourtney Kardashian" says "Nudity is not something to be ashamed of. I'm at my best when I'm pregnant."  i agree. Every woman should be at her best when she is expecting.  



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"It's Britney Bitch!" She always looks fierce in everything she does. This maternity shot is wild in all the right ways. I love the way she crosses her legs to cover up her hoo-ha and uses her hand to fashionably cover her breast. If you want to go nude, you should definitely try this pose. Tres chic indeed!


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Love and peace! Isn't that what babies are all about anyway? "Alicia Keys" made a strong statement with her shoot with her peace sign marked on her gorgeous baby bump. Her hair beads carassing her shoulder is an accessory that made the shoot all the more perfect. 


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"Miranda Kerr" is America's sweetheart and it showed in this gorgeous maternity photo. Her bump looked so gracious with the balcony serving as a back drop for this gorgeous shoot. Having a nice back drop for your shoot will definitely give your maternity shoot the "WOW" factor as it does here. Need I say more?

So before you bare your soul and your bump in front of the camera, you might want to peep the way these fierce celeb moms-to-be did it to avoid any nude maternity epic fails, LOL. 



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