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Dive In: Gorgeous Underwater Babies That Will Take Your Breath Away

Posted: May 07 2015



California based photographer and New York Times best selling author, Seth Casteel has made a name for himself in the underwater photography world and so rightly deserved. Casteel sure knows how to capture the beauty and innocence of little animals and humans alike. He first dived into taking pictures of underwater dogs and then ventured into taking pictures of little adorable puppies underwater (Underwater Puppies) which will surely leave you breathless with lots of "oooos and ahhs" to follow. In his latest book, Casteel outdid himself with the cutest pictures of all with little babies paddling underwater called "Underwater Babies" The pictures are just too adorable and it will take your breath away. The reason behind the pictures goes far beyond the "adorable" factor. Casteel took the pictures for a very important cause. 

"I want to help promote the important idea of water safety for kids." Casteel told the Toronto Star. 

Casteel's book, "Underwater Babies" contains 80 photos of babies aged between four and 17 months old, All the babies were photographed safely underwater. Casteel took the photos during actual swimming lessons, where his subjects learned about water safety while their parents were close by.

Kick back and check out these adorable babies swimming underwater. 


































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