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8 Awesome Tips On How To Naturally Induce Labor

Posted: May 05 2015



So the due date for your precious little one has come and gone and your little bun in the oven is not ready to say hello to the world so what do you do when you are ready but he or she isn't? Well, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. Here are 8 suggestions on how to naturally induce labor but we advise before trying any of these, please be sure to talk to your doctor or mid wife practitioner before attempting any of these. 




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 Yep! Walk it out. Walking helps push the baby down to your pelvis. As you walk and sway your hips, the weight of your baby pushing up on your pelvis may nudge your cervix to go into labor. This will surely help fasten up the process so walk, walk walk. Obviously, do not over exert yourself because believe me, you are going to need all the energy you can get when the baby finally decides he/she wants to see the world for him or herself. 




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If you want your little babe to come right out, sex is a sure and enjoyable way to lure him/her out so go have some fun in the sack. No like seriously...having an orgasm releases the hormone, Oxytocin which can help speed up contractions. Your partners sperm also contains the prostaglandis hormone which helps to thin out and dilate your cervix. So what are you waiting for? Go have some fun while prepping for your little angel to come out.





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Some believe that spicy food can naturally help induce labor. Obviously, you want to eat what you know you can handle and not over do it. Spicy food can gently irritate your intestines in turn, forcing and causing your uterus to contract. Oh and don't forget it might also send you to the bathroom so pack up the spice moderately. 



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Some believe stimulating the nipple can help induce labor. Although it is advisable to ask your doctor first before doing this because it can lead you to lowered heart rate, nipple stimulation (massaging or twisting) causes your body to release oxytocin which in turn leads to having contractions. 




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Massage can help pinpoint pressure points that can help the body release Oxytocin, the hormone that promotes contractions. Also, studies show that cuddling or just meditating can help increase your bodies level of oxytocin which can help speed up contractions. 




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Dancing is not only good for the soul, it is great in speeding up contractions. Like walking, gravity pulls your baby down to pelvis and encourages your cervix to contract. Hey, it's a fun way to get your little one moving so blast up the music and get moving. 



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Ummm...not the biggest fan of self inducing diarrhea but hey! It works for some mamas. Castor oil is a laxative that irritates your intestines and causes you to contract. It can also have another effect...a case of diarrhea. Yep! Only a spoonful of this not so tasty oil can send you running to the toilet. So you might want to think long and hard about this before you chug up a spoonful.



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Yeah, for some mamas, this is a no go zone because of the fear of needles but if you are bold enough to try, acupunture can be pretty beneficial in helping speed up the labor process. Although acupuncture alone will not help if the baby just isn't ready to make his/her grand entrance, it is still worth the try. Acupuncture is the inserting of thin needles to target certain pressure points in the body. This can help stimulate uterine activity.


Did your little one stay past his due date? If yes, what did you do to speed up the labor process?

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