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Got Morning Sickness? Here Are Some Tips To Ease Your Pain

Posted: Jan 15 2016




Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you know a life is growing inside of you. Before you feel his/her kick, you already feel the most intense kind of love you didn't think was possible. It is the most magical feeling any woman will ever know. Being pregnant is beautiful but it also has it's down sides too. Most moms experience morning sickness in the The 1st trimester and sometimes, it's just down right unpleasant. Some mamas-to-be have had it so bad they sometimes get hospitalized. So how can you ease the horrible feeling of the morning sickness blues?



With food and snacks of course! When you are pregnant, your blood sugar gets low if you do not eat enough. So eat frequently and have healthy snacks to munch on to keep feeling nausated away. Avoid eating fatty food such as french fries or fried chicken. Eat foods that are easy to digest such as high carb foods, smoothies, yogurts, etc. Eat even though you do not feel like you need to because an empty stomach will leave you with an acid filled one and that is bad news for you when it comes to nausea. 



RestIng during pregnancy is so important. You do not need a doctor's warning to know the importance of getting enough rest when you are preggo. Stress and feeling tired can trigger the feeling of morning sickness so rest as much as you can to keep morning sickness at bay. A quick tip...when you get out of bed in the morning, get up slowly to avoid feeling disorientated or nauseauted.



Get your mind right mamas! Let your diet be packed with food rich in protein. Also get in the habit of incorporating foods rich in Vitamin B such as. At all cost, avoid super spicy, acidic or fried foods. Not only will it cause heart burns and leave your belly feeling unsettled, it may cause nausea. 


Stress can be harmful to the body for those who aren't pregnant. When pregnant, it's even more important to keep stress away from your daily life because stress can increase your chances of experiencing nausea. 


Taking your prenatal vitamins is essential to the growth of your little one so it's always advisable to take your vitamins with food before you go about your day. This way, you can avoid the onset of nausea before it even begins. 



Pregnancy comes with the awesome super power of being able to smell everything (literally) and there is a chance you will take a whiff of a few things that repulses you. Whether it's bad body odor, bad food or the trash, it will cause your stomach to turn causing nausea. The remedy for that? Sniff a fresh scent like a lemon. The smell of lemon will diffuse the bad smell that's got your stomach churning. 



Even for those non pregnant mamas, staying hydrated is a must. If you are preggo, staying hydrated is even more important. Being dyhydrated triggers nausea so it is very important to keep you and your growing bump hydrated. If you find that you do not like drinking a lot of liquids, some preggo mamas-to-be say eating salty foods like pototoe chips or crackers or drinking hot beverages trigger thirst. Go ahead, give it a try!



Studies show that ginger help sooth the stomach and helps with nausea. Get creative and find ways to add ginger to your daily foods. You can add it to tea or you can simply buy ginger ale to sip on. You can also munch on gingerbread, ginger candy or some good ole fashioned ginger candy. 



You might not realize it but being comfortable is important in keeping nausea at bay. Wear loose fitted clothes that will not hold on too tightly to your abdomen. Feeling free and comfortable will definitely keep you from feeling irritated and irritation can be a trigger to nausea. Avoid it at all cost by making sure you are comfortable at all times. 



Some preggo moms cannot seem to keep anything down and when you can't keep anything down, you are prone to feeling nausated. In this case, it is vital you see your doctor to help determine what medicine to prescribe to you to help you keep food down and help you stay nausea free. 



Sometimes, feeling getting your mind off the fact that you are feeling naseated is an easy fix. Just keep your mind occupied and distracted. Listen to your favorite tune, play brain teasing games such as Sudoku or read a book. Going for a short walk could also help you kick nausea in the butt.


What did you do to keep your nausea at bay? Share your experience in the comment section.

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  • Posted by Jessica on January 15, 2016

    I’m 3 months pregnant and I’ve been drinking mammachia for my morning sickness and it’s been doing wonders for me!

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