#BumpStyleApproved: Get that mom-to-be confidence with these leggings

#BumpStyleApproved: Get that mom-to-be confidence with these leggings

Preggosphere is back featuring our sexy mama, Brit Ashcraft. We have spotted her wearing our newest product, the postpartum leggings. It is perfect for smoothing out and trimming your lovely lady lumps, thighs as well as give your booty a nice lift. It is also cleverly constructed and designed to be comfy, supportive and a great tummy cover up while breastfeeding all while giving you a nice snap back bod.

Read on and find out how awesome these postpartum leggings are!

" Keeping up with Oakley in my super awesome leggings from Preggo Leggings was super easy. These things can super stretch and they are designed to help all of us mothers be sucked in all the right places. (I am not pregnant, so don't take the brand as a pregnancy announcement, but after having a baby it is super nice to have a little extra tummy support. Even if it is four years later!)"

"Their incredible tummy-slimming design really keeps you looking all kinds of skinny, yet are still lightweight enough that even on a super hot and humid summer day I wasn't sweating to death!"

Are those jeans or leggings? Yay! Those are "postpartum leggings"!

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