How to DIY your Maternity Shoot at Home

How to DIY your Maternity Shoot at Home

Pregnancy is a period in every mom's life that you would actually miss when it's over. Of course, you would want to have pictures to celebrate your little human so we listed down the things you should keep in mind to achieve a successful DIY maternity shoot.


  • Hiring a makeup artist is not necessary during maternity shoot. You can just grab your beauty kit and watch makeup tutorials on Youtube and IGTV: from getting bold colors for you eyeshadow or that classic, glittery smokey eye that will definitely level up your goddess look on your photos. Also, you can ask friends or family members who are good with makeup to help you nail it in that photo shoot. 


  • Slaying your maternity shoot does not need to hurt your budget. You can have a theme or just look at the cutest dresses you have available in your closet and that should do the work on every photo. You can also be a little crafty on how to turn normal, daily clothes or garments into photoshoot/IG-worthy #OOTD 


  • Choosing a theme for a maternity shoot isn't always easy. Things like budget and resources available are just a few things you have to think about carefully before putting that planned theme into action. You can choose a theme that speaks about your personality (or your partner, too, if you want to include him in the shoot). Check out this link to get insanely adorable maternity photo shoot ideas; 



  • If you have the resources for it, you can book a professional photographer but scheduling and precautions for collaborations like this during a global pandemic should also be considered. You can ask family members or friends who are good with taking photos to do this for you. You don't need a high-end professional, DSLR camera to create high quality photos. Your smartphone plus basic editing using a photo-editing app should be enough to make superb maternity photos for you and your partner.




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