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Spotted Around the Preggo Sphere: Tifffany Mendoza

Posted: Aug 11 2017

Hello Babes!

It's time to have another round of Preggo Sphere! Today, we have spotted Tiffany Mendoza wearing our newest product—SNAPBACK© POSTPARTUM LEGGINGS. Our postpartum leggings are perfect for smoothing out and trimming your lovely lady lumps, thighs as well as give your booty a nice lift.

So mamas out there who wants to get back into shape, you can absolutely try our postpartum leggings! It's cleverly constructed and designed to be comfy, supportive and a great tummy coverup while breastfeeding all while giving you a nice snap back bod.

Now, let's see what Tiffany had to say about our postpartum leggings.

"After having Zay, I wanted a little something to support my abdomen that didn’t make me feel like to was a stuffed sausage so when I was sent these awesome leggings, I was pretty excited. These postpartum snap back leggings  by preggo leggingsare seriously amazing."

"They hug my body so well and honestly make me feel more confident. I checked my mail late the day they arrived and tried them on real quick “just to see how they fit.” Needless to say, I literally kept them on for 24 hours straight."

"I am wearing a small/medium and currently wear a size 6/8 in jeans. They are really thick and feel amazing. I would say if I was a size bigger, I would have gone with the medium/large. They have a size chart for reference on their site."

"These leggings support my mom tummy  really well and give me motivation to work out again… "


Read the full review at Free to be Darling

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