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Spotted Around The Preggosphere: Danielle Chevalier

Posted: Jun 08 2017

Super cool mom and boss babe in action! She is Danielle Chevalier, owner of AXFIT and Urban Surf in Canada. She was in search for outfits that can reflect her inner vibe and there she found our maternity leggings—Blue Crush Moto and Mom's Night Out. Hear her thoughts and let's get to know her more. Below are some of her words about our leggings.

"I know that being pregnant has taken a little toll on my ego, it looks like I have a huge beachball stuffed under my shirt. All my favourite clothes are bored hanging in my closet and I have had the hardest time finding pants that are comfortable or that I actually like and feel badass in."

 "I want to feel as cool on the outside as I do on the inside. My inside/outside vibrations have not been matching lately at all. I’ve been kicking ass in my classes, building my AXFIT youtube channel and online business like a boss. Planning, prepping, and renovating our house, nursery and Urban Surf shop for the upcoming season. I’m proud of myself and excited about our future with these girls but I just really haven’t felt cool on the outside for months."

This is just one of the ways you can wear our Moto leggings. There are thousand more ways! so stay tuned, mommas!

Super mom in action! Soo cool! :-)

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