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Spotted Around The Preggosphere: Kaitlyn Agnew

Posted: Jul 14 2017

Kaitlyn of Sisters Marie gives her thought about our Mom's Night Out maternity leggings.

Kaitlyn and her sister(in law) shares everything from fashion to family. They also share home decor, lifestyle inspirations, and recipes.

Hear what Kaitlyn says about our best maternity leggings!


"As I type this, I am sitting comfortable in "Mom's Night Out" pants, black maternity leggings that have become an essential for me within a matter of days. They are over-the-belly leggings made with the softest stretch fabric so it doesn't feel confining on my bump...that's the BEST part, you guys."



"I barely notice they are on as opposed to a few of the other pairs I've tried over the last few months which I am either pulling up and adjusting all day long."



"I still might because I think they will be great post-baby recovery pants too and even a great option for when I start ramping up my workouts again."

Read full review on Sisters Marie

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