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Spotted Around the Preggosphere: Kaity Johnson

Posted: Sep 08 2017

Hey mamas! TGIF!

Spotted in our preggosphere corner is Kaity Johnson—a coffee-loving mama who is the introvertiest of the introverts. Her blog, With Kids and Coffee, is her way to connect with mom squad and share parenting tips and tricks.

Learn how much Kaity loved our postpartum leggings, read on...

"When I had the chance to try out the new Snapback Postpartum Leggings, I fell in love because they were comfy, functional, and available in the color black—and also because they are specifically designed to include accommodate new mamas who are breastfeeding."

"If you’re planning on nursing your baby, these really do make the perfect postpartum leggings for breastfeeding moms."

"No matter what size you are, these little leggings will help you feel a little bit more like your “old self” in the months following giving birth."

See full review at

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