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Spotted Around the Preggosphere: Raina Elegado

Posted: Jun 29 2017

Hey there mamas! Do you feel like a queen today? Well, we have spotted one mama who considers herself as a "queen" of her own little kingdom. According to Raina, the responsibilities of being a mama queen is exhausting but there is still a need to put the crowns on and to remember to make time for oneself.

Indeed, Raina is a queen of her own kingdom! Now that baby #3 is coming, let's learn more about how she style herself during her pregnancy. Our moto leggings was featured on her blog.

"Ok about these amazing (over the belly) maternity moto leggings from Preggo Leggings though… I love the material since it’s the quality type that won’t stretch over time and fade after a few washes."  



"It’s so comfy and it comes with an adjustable strap over the belly which makes it good to use at any point of the pregnancy (well, maybe after a baby bump has formed of course haha)."


Gorgeous Mama Queen! :-)



Read the full blog on The Mama Queen

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