10 Unexpected Things You'll Love While Pregnant

10 Unexpected Things You'll Love While Pregnant

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Being pregnant is one of the most miraculous things that can ever happen to any woman. Yes! You will gain a little weight in unexpected places and you might get stuck sleeping on your side for a long while but don't fret! There are some awesome perks that come with being pregnant.

10 unexpected things you'll love while you are pregnant

1. Your nesting instinct will go through the roof!

Da-Da-Da-Dummm!!! When you're pregnant, you'll feel like a happy bride with a wedding day fast approaching but this time, you'll find yourself cleaning, prepping a room for your little one and you'll be doing lots of shopping. You will find yourself constantly planning for the arrival of your bundle of joy.


2. Your "twin girls" will increase in size

Va-Va-Vroom!!! Thanks to the increased levels of estrogen and progesterone, Your breasts will increase in size as your baby grows inside you. Yep! That means your cleavage in that little black dress will look better than it's ever looked before. Might as well enjoy it for the next 9 months right? LOL


3. You will experience the "glow" phenomenon

We've all heard people say "Your are glowing!" Well mamas...it's ain't a lie! During pregnancy, hormonal changes causes your skin to stretch and it increases your blood volume which brings more blood to the skin, hence, giving you the pregnancy glow.


4. You get to eat more! 

Nom! Nom! Nom! You get to enjoy more calorie intake and for once, you won't care if you gain a little bit of weight. Okay...slow it down now mama. Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you get to overeat but do enjoy eating more than you normally would and feel free to indulge every once in a while. After all, you are eating for two aren't you?


5. Being pampered

Oh hell yeah! Being pampered is, exactly what every woman wants and while preggers, that's exactly what you'll get. Even when you go out in public, complete strangers tend to cater to you. When you're home, your hubby and friends will take care of you. Hell! Enjoy it while you can. After all, you'll be sleep deprived after the baby is born, so milk every minute of being preggo!

6. Healthy hair and nails

Whoop! Whoop! Flaunt it while you got it! Increased hormones during pregnancy helps your hair grow. It actually gets thicker, fuller and it looks healthy. Your nails also gets longer and stronger too.


7.  You get to live in your maternity leggings

Leggings are the most comfortable things a pregnant woman can wear. From the time you open your eyes to the time you go to sleep at night, you can wear them all day and they are super duper comfy and the best part...no one will judge! Just buy some in different colors and you are good to go for the next nine months:-)


8. You will never feel alone

When you are preggers, you never have to be alone because you won't ever be. You will always feel like you have someone with you. With your little one kicking, you will always feel like you have a side kick with ya! LITERALLY!!!


9. You will always have an excuse

Oh don't worry about looking like you've lost your mind. You know those days you've said to yourself "Where did I park? I swear I just had my keys? Where are they?" No worries! You can always blame it on having "preggo brain." Really! It happens! Pregnant women seem to be a little bit more forgetful.


10. Who cares if your clothes don't fit right?

If your clothes don't fit, don't sweat it! You are preggo! You are allowed to have a few tight clothes because well...you will get bigger as your bundle of joy grows so don't freak out! It's all normal and healthy!

What were some things you absolutely loved while you were pregnant? Sound off in the comment box below.

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