5 Mistakes Moms Make When Buying A Nursing Bra


Guide in buying nursing bras


  When you are expecting, your boobs grow massively in size. Well, that is because your body is preparing your body for milk, your baby's number one source of food.

After the baby comes, you will find that finding a nursing bra can be sometimes challenging because after all, everything, including your bra size might be a bit bigger or smaller, depending on your body.

Wearing the wrong nursing bra can lead to blocked breast ducts and back pain. So, as a breastfeeding mom, how do you find the right nursing bra in the correct size without a hitch?

Here are 5 five common mistakes most nursing moms make when buying a nursing bra.


Most mamas buy the wrong band size. When the band size is off, you will feel off. it will ride up your back and that will become very uncomfortable fast. So if it is riding up your back, try a smaller band size. To measure for the correct band size, measure yourself by bringing the measuring tape around your back, under the armpits, and above your breast. Then round up to the nearest whole number.


Again, most mamas do not know their correct cup size. The cup should always give you good coverage of your breast. If the bra wrinkles, then it might be too big for you. Now if your breasts spill out of them both at the top and the sides, then it is too small. To measure for the right cup size, measure yourself around the center of the breast (the fullest part of your breast), rather than the under the armpits. Round up fractional numbers up to the nearest whole number and subtract your band size circumference from the mid-breast circumference to find the cup size.


Purchasing bras with less than 3 hooks might prove to be slightly uncomfortable because you need all the support you can get while nursing. It is always advisable to buy bras that have 4-6 hooks so that way, you can fit your bra on the loosest or furthest hook while your breasts adjust to your milk.


Shoulder straps are so important because it is what holds you up for support. If it creates a dent on your shoulders, then it might be possible you need more support from the band so try a smaller band size.


Sometimes, it is easier to measure yourself but getting professionally fitted would be your best bet in ensuring that you get the right bra size. Professionals are called professionals for a reason. Because they know everything there is to know about getting the right size bra, they will give you advice and answer any questions you may have about choosing the right size for your growing breasts.

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