7 Gifts EVERY Pregnant Woman Wants and Needs

Moms to be tend to get lots of gifts for their babies. While diapers and wipes are always welcome, the expectant mother in your life will no doubt appreciate something just for her. Don’t know what to get? Don’t worry: shopping for pregnant women is not that difficult. Just keep in mind that comfort is one of their primary concerns.
  • Bath Sets

Moms-to-be will enjoy an opportunity to relax and pamper themselves. Go for an aromatherapy basket, a luxurious set of bath salts or a bubble bath. Check out Bella B Pregnancy and Beyond Gift Set and Earth Momma Angel Baby Pregnancy Bath Set
  • Lotions, lotions, lotions

Expectant mothers’ tootsies take quite a beating.  The increasing weight puts additional pressure on the feet. In addition, surging hormones can make them feel dry. A cooling lotion, like this Avon Foot Works Green Tea & Mint Cooling Moisture Foot Lotion can revive tired feet, soften the skin and make the mom-to-be feel refreshed and beautiful. Body lotion also makes a great gift. Pregnancy and the associated hormonal changes affect pregnant women’s skin. Opt for a combination lotion that moisturizes and soothes skin and improves elasticity to prevent stretch marks, such as Earth Momma Body Butter
  • Comfy sleepwear

Pajamas, robe or new slippers. Pregnant ladies value comfort. Anything that makes them breathe, walk and sleep easier will be appreciated. Opt for stretchy, natural fabrics. Among the best choices are Japanese Weekend Pajama sets and Skechers Bobs Keepsake Slippers
  • Body Pillow

“I don’t want a body pillow.” Said no pregnant woman ever! This is arguably the best gift an expectant mother can get. Body pillows help distribute weight and make expectant mothers sleep comfortably – something that doesn’t come easy when you are six to nine months pregnant. Body pillows come in an array of shapes and sizes, from wedges to ergonomically designed full length pillows. Among the popular choices are the Leachco  Back and Belly Countoured Body Pillow and Boppy Total Body Pillow
  • Anti-nausea Wristbands

Morning sickness can be more than just annoying. It can make several weeks to several months of pregnancy very uncomfortable. Anti-nausea wristbands, such as Seaband Accupressure Wristbands use acupressure to stimulate pressure points that work to reduce nausea. This is a gift hat any expectant mother will appreciate.
  • Baby Bump Pics

Give the mom-to-be a gift card to a photo studio or set up a photo shoot. This is a wonderful way to capture pregnancy moments and she will appreciate the pictures after the baby is born.
  • Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes are a great choice if you are a close friend or a family member and can guess the expectant mom’s size. In any case, stick with the shirts, since pants are far too easy to get wrong. Opt for a loose fitting fashion maternity top or even a nursing top. They are longer and are comfortable during pregnancy, too as they accommodate growing breasts and bellies. Cute maternity lingerie is also a wonderful option. Any expectant mom will appreciate a set of lingerie that will add variety to what will become an essential part of her daily wardrobe. Check out our variety of styles that will make her feel sexy and beautiful.  Image above based on “Pregnant” by Frank de Kleine,CC-BY-2.0.

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