Decoding nursing bras: Top 7 things to look for in great nursing bras!!

Decoding nursing bras: Top 7 things to look for in great nursing bras!!

Decoding Nursing Bras

If you were like me, when I went shopping for my first nursing bra, it was all one GIANT guessing game on what were the best options. So what is a good nursing bra anyway???? I know lots of women who are unsure about what to look for in a good nursing bra... so they typically go through several nursing bra purchases doing trial and error before they might eventually land THE ONE if they are lucky! Honestly, I don't understand why this is the case (but sadly, it is) because the same regular mainstream bra rules should apply to nursing bras, well maybe with a few tweaks, right?

So here are some helpful tips to help you decode the encryption of good nursing bras.  HAHA:) Oh, and remember to wait until the final weeks of your pregnancy before you purchase your nursing bras. One mistake many expectant mommies make is that they purchase their nursing bras too early and a little big, with room to grow....well, this makes sense intuitively but you will only end up with a nursing bra that fits you poorly and gives you problems! So here it goes:

Hack #1.

SUPPORT = COMFORT! The most important factor in a good maternity/nursing bra is the how well it provides proper support to the breast. The "drop" cup should provide adequate support and lift to the breasts while giving a good separation.

hacks for your nursing bra

Hack #2.

Look for a bra that provides easy access to the breast so that you can feed your hungry baby easily. This will be critical to you and your baby's happiness!

Hack #3.

Look for a bra with that provides one-hand cup openings even when you are holding your baby. Chances are you will be holding your baby with your other hand:)

nursing bra on computer screen 

Hack #4.

Look for a bra with wide straps for more comfort because it will help evenly distribute your breasts weight.

Hack #5.

Look for bras with cups that are lined with 100 percent cotton because it allows air through to keep nipples and breast dry. An added benefit is also for comfort, which you will appreciate!

Hack #6.

Fit, fit, fit!!!! Ensure that the band of the bra fits you well on its widest setting because, after the birth, your band size will begin to decrease as your rib cage decreases. So you will need to be able to comfortably re-adjust the band to the closer settings.

Best Nursing Bra Hack

Hack #7.

Choose a bra with a four or more back hook closure because they give you the most flexibility in fit. You also may want to invest in bra extenders too!

I hope these tips will allow you expectant and nursing mommies to have more confidence as you go out shopping for your nursing bras. I mean I wish I had them for myself 2 years ago when I had my daughter... It would have saved me the unnecessary multiple trips.

Happy nursing bra shopping!!!

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