How many nursing bras do I need?


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Many new moms wonder how many nursing bras they need to buy.

The number of bras you need depends on your lifestyle and your budget. If you plan on returning to work after having a baby, or you already have a large family, you probably won’t have time to do laundry every day and will need to purchase more than one or two bras. Some nursing bras can be pricey, so it makes sense to start shopping during pregnancy, so that you don’t have to buy several bras at once.

In its article, “A Simple Guide to Baby Supplies”, WebMD website suggests buying a couple of nursing bras and bringing them to the hospital with you.1 It’s no secret though that many women begin wearing nursing bras during their last months of pregnancy for comfort and convenience.

Jennifer Richards of Parents magazine recommends buying three or four nursing bras as well as two or three sleeping nursing bras before the baby comes.2

Sleeping bras resemble sports bras and a great investment because they are soft, comfortable, and still provide great support for your breasts at night. Some moms feel more comfortable wearing nursing sleep bras during the day, too. Another consideration has to do with how long you plan on breastfeeding your baby. Your breast size may change over time and you may find yourself buying smaller sized nursing bras as you go along. When your baby is a few months old and you begin to spend more time outside of home, you will need to have a couple of different colored bras to fit your clothing.

Action plan:

  • Start shopping for nursing bras before your baby comes. Be sure to get professionally fitted.
  • Buy a couple of nursing bras and bring them to the hospital with you. Consider a sleeping nursing bra.
  • As your breasts change after you start nursing, get fitted again. It is important that you wear a comfortable bra that is the right fit.
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