Tree of Life 'Brelfies’: Make Yours in 5 Steps!

Tree of Life 'Brelfies’: Make Yours in 5 Steps!


Make your own #TreeofLife breastfeeding selfies or #brelfie with the Picsart app in 5 easy steps!

Mothers across the globe are celebrating the beauty of breastfeeding with the help of a Picsart app. Hashtagged #TreeofLife, breastfeeding selfies, or ‘brelfies,’ created with the app have gone viral, and are all over social media! If you’re on Insta, you’ve definitely seen at least one by now. With vibrant colours and an ethereal beauty, these stunning photos will inspire even the most camera-averse moms to get clicking!

Commonly hashtagged #normalizebreastfeeding as well as #brelfie, these photos are often accompanied by moving personal stories about each mom’s breastfeeding journey. Are you ready to create yours? It’s a lot easier than it may seem to create one of those gorgeous masterpieces!

The secret lies in the app, PicsArt. A couple of weeks back, you would have needed to download images and layer them (who has the time?!) Thankfully, PicsArt saw how popular the Tree of Life photos were getting, and quickly added their own sticker pack. Now, it really is as simple as just downloading the app (it works on Apple as well as Android), and choosing your effects! Here’s a quick walk-through:


  1. Registration is free, and you can login through Facebook, which saves you the trouble of keeping track of yet another password.
  2. Choose a photo to edit. You may decide to crop yourself out, and highlight the oh-so-cute expression on your baby… or you could include yourself in all your Mother Goddess glory.
  3. Add the tree sticker of your choice, and rotate/resize/adjust it till it works. You could go old school and upload a Tree of Life image instead of using one of the pre-set stickers if you want to use one you found online.
  4. Now for the magic! Add effects to make your photo come to life. Midnight and Rainbow are the most popular filters for the #TreeofLife trend. You can also combine them for an effect that’s all yours.
  5. Share away! Popular hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter include #brelfie #TreeofLife and #normalizebreastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is an intimate bond; and many mothers wish there was a way to capture the emotion it evokes. Thanks to Picsart, you can now create this very special memento of your journey. It’s hard not to tear up at the beautiful imagery of the tree of life connecting your child to the breast. It conjures up all the magic breastfeeding provides – nurture, nourishment, health. Cassandra (@keeponboobin), one of the early pioneers of this trend, created it as a way to celebrate breast milk being a living organism that sustained life.

And yet, as powerful as the bond of breastfeeding can be, it’s important to remember that other forms of nurture are just as magical. Moms who don’t breastfeed took to the internet, adding their images of pumping and bottle feeding to the gorgeous mix of photos sweeping across the internet. What’s common between all these #TreeofLife photos? The blissful smiles on satiated children; and the joy of a beautiful parenting moment captured forever.

 It’s lovely to see moms who may not have had the confidence to share a breastfeeding photo now doing so, and feeling so positive about it. Often, it’s the first time they’re sharing such a photo online. Many are opening up about the challenges they face when they breastfeed, or just sharing how strong the experience makes them feel. These are conversations we need to have. When we know better, we do better. The #TreeofLife trend has started this key dialogue, and united moms from different walks of life into a strong, vibrant online community. 

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