What should I look for in a nursing bra?

Colorful an Comfy Nursing bra
If you've never bought a nursing bra before, shopping for one may seem like a daunting task. What size should you buy? How do you know whether it’s going to fit you throughout your nursing experience? Below are a few basic guidelines to get you started.
First of all, you should start shopping before your baby arrives and get fitted by a certified bra fitter. If you plan on purchasing nursing bras online, you can still get fitted at the maternity store and write down your measurements for future use.

How to choose a nursing bra

When choosing a nursing bra, keep in mind comfort and convenience. For comfort, look for a soft, well fitting bra. Bras that are too tight are not only uncomfortable, but may contribute to plugged ducts.1 WebMD recommends wearing nursing bras that provide firm support for the growing breasts.2 Babycenter.com, a trusted pregnancy and parenting resource recommends looking for soft cotton or cotton-synthetic blend nursing bra that doesn’t have seems near the nipple and has sturdy, wide straps.3 Dr. Sears suggests choosing a bra that “supports the breast from beneath even when the cup is open.”1 A guide from Botsford Hospital Breastfeeding Services says this about buying a nursing bra:
  • Choose cotton, because it allows the air to circulate around your breasts and prevents irritation;
  • Choose wide straps, because they won’t cut into your shoulders;
  • Try to avoid underwire bras, as they may interfere with the flow of milk;
  • Look for a bra with fasteners that can easily be opened and closed with one hand.4

If you are going to pump as well as nurse, you may benefit from buying a special bra that allows for a pumping attachment. This type of bra will give you the freedom to pump hands-free. When you try on bras, sit down to check how the bra fits and feels when you change position.

Also, practice opening and closing the bra fastener in the fitting room. You may need to try on several different bras before you find the perfect fit. Your rib cage expands throughout pregnancy, so if you bought your nursing bra while pregnant, you may need to size up a few times after giving birth.

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