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Ok, if you are preggers, you totally need these. Preggo Leggings is equal parts comfy and cute maternity leggings that will become an essential and ultimate go-to fashion item throughout every stage of your pregnancy. A total classic but with a very sexy twist that you seriously can't live without. Our super stylish seamless over-the-belly leggings is made with the softest stretch fabric so that your baby bump and legs feel and look amazeballs. Preggo Leggings is cleverly designed to flatter your growing bump so that it will never get too tight through your first, second and third trimester. Ummm, the best of all of worlds, right? Mix and match all of our gorgeous colors to create dozens of new outfits in your existing wardrobe. Dress it up or down, or even lounge around in them, totally up to you!


  • Polyester/Spandex
  • Color: Blue
  • Designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy
  • Made from a soft, easy-care stretch fabric
  • High rise that fits over the belly
  • Skinny fit
  • Easy sizing - S/M & L/XL
  • Hand wash cold
  • Model is wearing a size S/M
  • Designed in the USA

    Type: Leggings

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    Ben S.
    I love these leggings!! I will be buying more!! They are so comfortable and fits perfectly! The material feels great on my skin! The light blue preggo leggings are not thick so its best to wear them during the warmer seasons outdoors if you get cold easily!
    Kat B.
    I ordered these in red and loved them! So I got another pair in blue. When I put them on they are completely see through. So I have to make sure to wear a long shirt and pray no one sees me bend over. Hahah but guys, these are super soft and great for the Preggo momma!
    Gabrielle D.
    Fun color, best leggings ever!
    Kaitlin M.
    Love my Preggo leggings! They're so much more comfortable on my growing baby belly (33 weeks) than traditional leggings. My only call out to other ladies is that they're a bit see through, so plan to wear them with a longer shirt.
    June W
    YEAH! Great Maternity leggings! LOVE the bright blue! Makes me feel like Spring WILL come! ;) Spandex type of material, nice and stretchy! Fits snuggly, but well. I am 5'6", and they were almost too long but close enough. VERY pleased with purchase!
    Pamela O
    Definitely worth checking out. I got this for my sister, who has been complaining nothing fits her anymore. She usually wear size 18, and this fit her great except for the length. She is 5'4" and these legging are too long for her. She said she will just fold them into her socks as she usually wears them with her boots. The material of the legging is a little thicker, so she like that because right now it is cold outside. These should fit her throughout the rest of her pregnancy as she has about 4 months left. Overall, she's happy with these and said that they are comfortable to wear to just about anywhere.
    Jamie L
    Definitely very thin and more like tights than leggings, but comfortable for your belly These leggings arrive packaged in clear plastic. I ordered the blue color, and the color is very pretty. They were somewhat difficult for me to get on as they are fairly tight and I am in my third trimester, and I ended up rolling around on my back a bit trying to get them on. I would probably order a size up next time, although they are also very very long, and I'm not sure if this would make this issue worse. They would definitely fit someone very tal, as I am 5'4 and had a ton of extra fabric to spare. In fact, I had to roll the leggings at the bottom because I had so much extra. The absolute best part of these leggings is how comfortable and supportive they are for your belly. I have many other leggings, all which dig into my belly now that I'm pregnant and are fairly uncomfortable. These, on the other hand, fit well up and over my belly, and give it extra support. Although the legs are somewhat tight, I would give it great marks for belly comfort. The worst part about these leggings is that they are extremely shear and see through, and I will admit I did not find them very flattering. You can absolutely see your underwear through them, as well as any nooks or crannies you may have on your thighs. If you have fairly thin legs these would probably look great all around, but on me I honestly thought they made me look bigger than I am. With a longer skirt they would probably be cute as my lower legs looked fine, and combined with the fact that you can see your underwear I would definitely recommend wearing a long tunic or skirt with these. They fit a lot more like tights than leggings due to how thin they are. All in all, if looking for actual leggings I would probably keep looking, but if you need a pair of maternity tights then these are very comfortable for your belly.
    Sandy H
    Very soft and color is awesome. Fit as expected for the expecting. Seem to be well made. Very soft and color is awesome. Fit as expected for the expecting. Seem to be well made.
    Peggy E
    Perfect for mommies to be Perfect for mommies to be. I never like seeing a pregnant girl with normal leggings because their bellies are always popping out. So I make sure to have something appropriate on especially coming to work. These leggings fit beautifully and they are great for summer.
    Stephanie Ewing
    These leggings are way too see through for anyone to ... These leggings are way too see through for anyone to actually wear out of the house let alone a pregnant women. They fit well but they definitely need to be thicker!
    Jane S
    Such comfortable leggings! These Preggo Leggings are so comfortable! I am currently 6 months pregnant and was getting tired of having to wear maternity jeans or pajama pants all the time. I am so happy I got these leggings. They are your typical legging material, but not so thin that I am afraid of them ripping easily. The belly part is super comfortable and very breathable unlike the ones in my jeans. The material is super soft and feels so good against my skin. They are semi-see though and you can see my underwear lines and everything, but that's not really a big deal and is pretty typical with leggings, and they arn't so see through that you would see 'details' through them. I am about 5'5'' and there is some extra legging material bunched up around my ankles (not not an uncomfortable amount), which is also pretty typical for me with leggings. Overall I am super happy with these preggo leggings an would recommended them,
    CeeCee D
    Stylish maternity wear I'm 5'8" and the length on these leggings is just right for me. The material is nice and thick so it doesn't show every crease and dimple. I would definitely not wear these with a shorter top; they are much more suited to wear with a dress or tunic-length shirt as I can definitely see my undies through them. The belly seems to be large enough to get me through until the end, and the legs provide some control without being super tight. I got the turquoise blue leggings, and they look very nice with my dark gray dress and black tunic as well as my brighter beach cover-up, so I will get use out of these for several months out of the year. They are handling the washing machine well. No pilling or runs after maybe four washes so far. Overall I'm pleased with them.
    Jessica B
    Very comfortable and great for a growing belly! Sizing: I fell into the medium range, but only medium/large was offered, so I expected these to be somewhat large. I am only in my first trimester, so I expect them to fit better as I get bigger. They are very comfortable, and since they come up so high, the little bit of extra room isn't an issue. The fit is good on my legs and hips, it's just a little bit big on my waist and belly. But it does feel great to have the high waist band because it doesn't put pressure on my bloated, painful, growing belly. Fabric: The fabric is very stretchable and are a sort of woven silky feeling. They are not see through because they are a little bit too large for me, but I don't think they would be even if they were a little bit tight. The color is a little off-putting. I bought the baby blue ones because I was just planning on using them for at home use. I definitely would not wear this color out unless I was very brave. Overall: I would recommend these pants to anyone looking for something comfortable during pregnancy. If you are looking to wear these as a part of your everyday wardrobe, I would suggest getting black. They are very comfortable and silky. I have not had any problems with pilling or snagging yet. This product is so comfortable and does everything I need it to do!
    Arianna H
    Comfortable, but thin Preggo leggings are very comfortable. They are stretchy and not too tight for my thicker legs. I am 5'7", 158lbs, and they are just a tad small. The material is pretty thin.. I would've expected a material maybe 3x as thick for a pregnant person with weight gain. The top of the belly band comes up almost o the bottom of my bust. All in all, I like these leggings, but they're too thin, and see through I presume if I bend over.
    Jeri S
    So Comfortable! These are the most comfortable maternity leggings I've ever owned! I'm always a little skeptical when buying clothes over the internet, but I'm glad I took the risk with these. I've been looking for something comfortable to wear around the house that would feel secure and looked stylish. These cover all the bases for me. I bought the blue leggings in L/XL because I figured it was better to go too big than go too small. I am usually a M/L and these fit me like a glove. I they look and feel like they could be worn comfortably at both smaller and larger sizes, which gives me a bit of leeway, but I'd recommend ordering the size you are, as these will grow with you. The color is vibrant and the fabric is as stretchy as it is comfortable, and it is very durable. They won't run or tear for no reason like a lot of other leggings out there. I love, love, love these and want to purchase more in the future.
    Missy M
    SO comfy these are perfect maternity leggings. There is a special area with support for your belly that will stretch with you as you grow, but if you do not have a belly yet you can simply roll these down a few times and have a waist band. These fit like a dream, they are very stretchy and have virtually no pull or tight spots. The material is buttery smooth and light weight, it feels like you are not wearing anything at all! These are some of the most comfortable leggings I have ever put on, hands down. I love them and they will be worn plenty, I can tell. They are made extremely well, too. The stitching is excellent, I do not feel like I have any holes to look forward to in the future which is great! Nobody wants a hole in their leggings, that is just embarrassing. I would definitely recommend these! Even if you are not pregnant, these can be rolled down to have a nice waist band and are the most comfortable pants on earth. The color is very vibrant, too.
    Odessa W
    These can be worn for work or play. These are really cute. I bought these for my daughter. She is expecting her second child. She is so tiny and the only way you can tell that she is pregnant is by looking at her stomach. They are a little long for her so she wears little boots with them. They are very versatile. She works in an insurance office and she dresses them up so that they can be used for a professional looking attire and she also wears them as casual wear like going shopping, out to lunch or dinner etc... She really likes them and I'm glad I bought them for her. It is difficult finding cute affordable maternity clothing.
    Kim Kinn
    Pretty Turquoise Tights After reading all the recent reviews, I was expecting tights. At least they are very thick, well-made tights. They are extremely high waisted to stay up over your tummy. The turquoise is very pretty and will add a pop of my color to my wardrobe. Plan on wearing a dress with these leggings, unless you have the body of an athlete and want to show it all off.
    Mary K
    Holds your big tummy comfy I like the way it holds my tummy which is 5 months now. And i love how comfy it is to wear, but it is not fleece so it wont keep you warm. Great my summer or spring but not for winter. I have a hard time since its a leggings its tight from legs to thighs. Plus add that i have a big tummy to bend when wearing. Besides from that i love how it is on my big tummy. But i am not sure if i can still wear it in few months because its already tight right now.
    Maggie K
    Stylish & Comfortable maternity leggings! Perfect legging for all moms to be! I cannot stand buttons digging in my stomach so I live off leggings during pregnancy! They're stylish, true to color, and very comfortable! Worth getting and slimming in the legs :) quality of fabric is nice and not easily to be ripped.
    Angela Kratz
    These are pretty good leggings These are pretty good leggings. I really like the color which is surprising for me because I'm normally into dark colors. This color will pair well with some of my dark tops though. One thing that I really like about these leggings is the length. I am above average height and often times that is a problem with finding clothes of the proper length. It was nice to see extra fabric in the legs for taller women. The next issue I have with leggings is the see-through factor. This is a huge problem that companies don't seem too eager to solve. As far as sheerness on these leggings they do fail a bit but not as bad as other leggings I have tried.
    Patty M
    Sheer like tights I purchase these leggings for my sister in law who's expecting. She has had trouble finding leggings that are comfortable over her belly. She liked the bright blue color and the fit was comfortable however she felt they were too sheer to consider leggings. Indeed seeing them on her they are relatively sheer and have to be with with something long enough to cover beyond your bottom.
    Michele Burns
    Beautiful Leggings I just purchased these for my daughter who is 5 months pregnant. They have a high waist and have plenty of belly room. They were nice and comfortable and just the right thickness to wear right now. Material is of great quality and the stitching is even and straight. We were very happy with the way they were made and fit. I would highly recommend these to expecting moms!
    Francesca O
    More like tights� Great color! Very comfy, but in my opinion too thin to be worn as pants/ leggings by themselves. They have a nice stretch and come up high enough on the waist as not to cause unsightly bulges/muffin tops. The pregnant belly expansion area is discreet and without seams.You could wear them whenever without anyone even noticing they were designed as Maternity wear.
    Autumn Blue
    Very comfortable! Although I do love these leggings I have a few minor complaints. First I am 5 foot 5 and these are super long! I actually have to bunch them up at my ankles and the top goes all the way up to the underneath of my breasts! The top band also seems very highly uncomfortable and tight on me even with my belly!! I also live in a state where it can get pretty cold and these do not keep you warm at all. Unfortunately to me they also seem really easy to snag. I know my wedding ring has gotten stuck a few times and that could have been a very bad thing if I had not been paying attention! Even with the aforementioned "problems", I love these!!! They are super, super soft and I love the color blue. I'm not sure the type of blue I was expecting but a beautiful sky blue showed up! The picture does not do it justice at all. They really are so much more beautiful in person! Also, even though the top of the band of the pants are tight the rest is very super comfortable even on my belly! Maybe I just need to grow a few more inches... taller that is! Lol I would definitely recommend these to all my friends! They are amazingly comfortable and very budget-friendly. Let's not forget that you can always wear leggins and you don't even have to be pregnant. These will probably work really awesome after the baby comes and I just feel like sitting around with some comfortable clothes!!
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