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  • Black Maternity Preggo Leggings - Fashion Shot
  • Mom's Night Out
  • Mom's Night Out
  • Mom's Night Out
  • Black Maternity Preggo Leggings - Leg View

Mom's Night Out

$ 35.00



Ok, if you are preggers, you totally need these. Preggo Leggings is equal parts comfy and cute maternity leggings that will become an essential and ultimate go-to fashion item throughout every stage of your pregnancy. A total classic but with a very sexy twist that you seriously can't live without. Our super stylish seamless over-the-belly leggings is made with the softest stretch fabric so that your baby bump and legs feel and look amazeballs. Preggo Leggings is cleverly designed to flatter your growing bump so that it will never get too tight through your first, second and third trimester. Ummm, the best of all of worlds, right? Mix and match all of our gorgeous colors to create dozens of new outfits in your existing wardrobe. Dress it up or down, or even lounge around in them, totally up to you!


  • Polyester/Spandex
  • Color: Black
  • Designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy
  • Made from a soft, easy-care stretch fabric
  • High rise that fits over the belly
  • Skinny fit
  • Easy sizing - S/M & L/XL
  • Hand wash cold
  • Model is wearing a size S/M
  • Designed in the USA
    Gabrielle D.
    Love these leggings! So comfortable and fit perfectly! I will definitely be getting another pair.
    Natalie S.
    These leggings are great especially for the price. I expected the material/fabric to feel more like a thick legging, and it's almost more of a tight/legging material, which means you cannot wear these as pants but as more of a layering piece. Also the crotch tends to drop down and I'm constantly pulling them up, but they seem to fit everywhere through out the legging and I'm usually true to size in clothes, so I don't think its a sizing issue, but more of the material and design.
    Gabrielle D.
    Best leggings ever, will never wear any other brand of leggings while pregnant!
    Ryann FloTexan
    Five Stars Makes my wife's bum look yummy, especially with that tummy.
    Bettina B
    Five Stars great leggings, quality, comfy. fall down sometimes, but overall like them a lot
    Abigail S
    I'm so glad I ended up going with these leggings I'm so glad I ended up going with these leggings, despite some of the negative reviews! I just got them yesterday and I am wearing them today, so far I love them! People these leggings are comfortable, long, and not see through on me and are staying up great! When you are looking for leggings its important to read the material!! I absolutely love my legging material to be nylon and spandex with no cotton, this way they stay fitting and look nice with more than just t-shirts/workout tops. This does make them a greater chance of maybe being a little see through at the top but I always wear tops with my leggings that cover my bottom. Anyways I am to help with the fit I am 5'11" around 160lbs before pregnancy, I am now 5 months pregnant and I purchased a L/XL. These go all the way over my belly and they have more than enough for it as it grows. And the pictures you see of the belly area that look kind of weird in the reviews, doesn't bother me a bit, I think they help with them staying up and in place. Anyways love these and might even buy another pair!!
    Jennifer G
    Comfy and fashionable I'm in love with these leggings! I was hoping that the L/XL size would actually fit and they do. They are extremely comfortable to wear and perhaps most importantly with pregnancy, they are easy to get on and off. I throw on my longer maternity tops or my shorter maternity dresses and look and feel fashionable. You should note that they do run large, so if you are on the smaller size of an XL, you might find them to be too loose. This, however, is a benefit for those of us who tend to need larger size items. Not something that happens often with clothes. They are also long. I am 6' tall and they are long enough on me. But the good thing about leggins is that you can bunch them up or pull them up if they are too long. The other thing to note is that they are more like thick tights than a legging material. That being said, they are thick enough that they are not see through and look great and not shiny like some tight style leggings do. They hug your body tightly, but the thicker material holds things in where you need them to. I was impressed that despite the lumps and bumps in my body, they don't really show. Another perk is that you can wear them more casually with your longer maternity tops or dress them up. These will also be great to wear post baby with my nursing tanks and comfy clothes. I love that they are so versatile, especially since you tend to have a limited wardrobe during pregnancy and post delivery. If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of leggings, look no further than Preggo leggings!
    Comfortable Leggings but a bit long I got this for my wife, she has been complaining nothing fits her anymore. She usually wear size 16, and this fits her except for the length. She's 5'3 and this legging is too long for her, but it's okay I guess she can just fold it up. The material of the legging is a little thick, so she could even wear it when it gets colder in a few months. But I don't know how much bigger her belly will get back then, so I don't know if it will still fit her by then. Overall, she's happy with this legging and said it's comfortable.
    Vanessa Owens
    Cute but shorter than expected These leggings fit fine around my waist, stomach, etc. The material is also very breathable without being too thin. Not super thick leggings but great to wear out and still be able to tolerate the local heat. But they are very short. They cut off a good bit from my ankles and I am 5'1. Still very cute and the color is great, but it is not like the picture on the product profile which seems to go down to her ankles. It is much shorter than that.
    Olivia Ann
    Somewhat large I got the S/M and I love the feel of them except I wish they had more sizing options. Like an XS, S, M, L rather than grouping them together. The material is comfortable and I love that there is no seam, I just wish they fit more snug on my body. I have to pull them up often and that just gets annoying.
    Loveth K
    Comfortable Once on, these pants are extremely flattering! They were the first pair of maternity pants I've purchased and I'm overall really happy! They fit like tights...not leggings. So they take a little bit of time to get on. I'm 5'6" and size 8/10 pre-pregnancy. I'm 6 months pregnant I'm really just all belly. The majority of my regular clothes still fit....they're not see-through at all! The only complaint I have about these pants (and why I gave them 4 stars), is that they tend to ride down and it ends up leaving some space between the pants and the private area. To me personally, it becomes uncomfortable. And because the pants act like tights, you can't just do a quick pull up, it sort of becomes a job at 6 months pregnant to pull them up so they fit and feel right. I think after I have the baby and can roll the top down instead of up and over my belly, it might give it more support to hold them up. Either way, I'd definitely recommend these to anyone!
    Amanda Vinson
    Preggo Leggings Maternity Leggings I purchased the Preggo Leggings Maternity Leggings. She is 6 months pregnant, and she wanted something to just wear around the house. These leggings are very soft and well made. She loves that they are not see through like most leggings are. I purchased a L/XL, and they fit her as expected. She is 5' 11" tall and they fit her well in length. If you are shorter, you may have an issue. She has room to grow, and can wear them comfortably through her entire pregnancy. I think these will even be great for after the baby arrives. Overall, these are still a great pair of leggings.
    Izzy K
    Love! Fit perfectly n not see thru! My go too! Love these babies! I wear these everyday of my pregnancy! Like I can sleep eat dance n go out with them!
    Lauren A
    Love! I'm 34 weeks pregnant and these are the only pants I will wear! They are so comfortable and don't constrict you in any spot. I was expecting a yoga pant material and these are more of a thick pantyhose, so I just wear them with longer shirts!
    Dawn Klitz
    Close to perfect but not It's hard finding leggings that are tall enough for me and these are plenty long (I'm 5'8). They did not quite pass the see through test (bending over and stretching to capacity to see if panties show) but are a little thicker than other pairs I've had. I could get away with wearing a shorter sweater but would probably feel uncomfortable. Had to take a star away because of that. I'm settling with these because I only have 3 months to go and refuse to buy any more. I've already tried several pairs. Haven't found the perfect pair but these are close.
    angela t
    Nice, High Waisted Leggings Now on a third pregnancy, I have all the maternity clothes one could need but I'm getting bored with them after wearing them all these times. I am 5'10 and the small size was plenty long enough for me..I have fairly skinny legs though and would worry how these would fit on someone with a thicker bottom. They were pretty skin tight but not uncomfortable. And not see through! Really nice quality. I wish the company would offer three sizes instead of trying to make us squeeze into one of two. For me, they work great. Happy with my purchase
    K. R.
    Great purchase! Purchased for pregnant sister. She immediately started wearing them and continues to love them.
    Katie S
    comfortable! the material is nice and stretchy! They fit very comfortably and can take wear and tear!
    Samantha W
    they fit as expected and are now my new favorite pair of bottoms comfy leggings. I ordered these because I find most leggings uncomfortable. I am not pregnant. they fit as expected and are now my new favorite pair of bottoms
    Ryann O'Leary
    Comfortable These leggings are very comfortable for maternity..Supports my big tummy well... Its a bit long... Its comfortable though and fits well... I ordered the black color..I wish it was a little more thicker... But its soft and does not hurt the skin... In pregnancy all you need is comfort and i am getting that from these leggings... The material is stretchable...Fits perfectly... And stitching is good... Does not prick or hurt my tummy... I feel very nice to walk around with these leggings... Overall good.
    Angela F
    Great Preggo Leggings! Comfort is beyond important when you are pregnant. I can't stand anything tight around my stomach and I hate looking frumpy. It can be the most beautiful but difficult time of a woman's life. During my pregnancy I was very into my jeans that had the stretch material at the top kind of like these. They were always comfortable but ripped so easily. These do not rip like that are are far more comfortable. They can be paired with a dress or a comfortable blouse. Wear them around the house or wear them out! They almost bring a new kind of freedom to having a giant belly. They are high waisted and allow you to pull them completely up over your belly. My sister in law is currently pregnant and is so uncomfortable. I wanted her to be more comfortable so I got her to try these. She is much happier in these soft and forgiving leggings. They are very well made and not as sheer as I thought they would be.
    Katelyn Jamison
    Great tummy support Very well made. These are great quality leggings... they are the kind that won't fade with every wear and will stay black forever. The problem that I had is they are much too small for me. I ordered a L/XL, and while the length was right, where was very little stretch and I couldn't get the over my thighs. Not the end of the world, as I have at least half a dozen pregnant friends who will be happy to get some awesome preggo leggings. The construction is perfect to help support that belly, and they come up high over your belly button so you don't have to worry about anything cutting in or rolling down. They are awesome, I just wish their sizing were more accurate.
    Catherine L. Bardelson
    Great under dresses Super comfy, I wear them under dresses all the time! I got them early in pregnancy and I think I'll be wearing them all the way through.
    Natty T.
    Jami H.
    I adore these leggings! Though I'm only 10 weeks, they're already super comfy, and I can't wait to grow into them with baby H!
    Sarah S.
    29weeks pregnant - great pants, just a little thinner and with less support than I expected.
    Jodi H.
    Very stretchy
    Megan N.
    Super comfy and long! I can never find leggings that are long enough to bunch at my ankles and these do. Love them!
    katrina b.
    I am pregnant with twins in my 28th week and can no longer do maternity jeans. It's leggings and long maxi dresses for me. These leggings are beyond comfortable, I wish I'd ordered them sooner!
    Miranda K.
    Mine fall down a lot I'm hoping that when my belly grows they'll stay up. I find myself hiking them up a lot.
    Catherine E.
    I absolutely love these leggings!! I can already tell that I am going to be living in them for the next few months! Thank you for making such an amazing product.
    Jill P.
    I really like these leggings, but for some reason, leggings always sag on me. I am only in my first trimester, so maybe once I have a belly they'll stay up better. :( They also have a different kind of weave right at the top where the crotch is. This is good, but I'm afraid it will show if I don't have a long enough shirt. Otherwise, these are great!
    Leah B.
    I love them! I'm still in my first trimester, so I can't wait to see how they fit throughout my pregnancy!
    Serenity M.
    Love these leggings! I only wish they made capri leggings....these are so warm in summer:(
    Karen L.
    Very soft fabric. More of a thick pair of tights than a yoga legging but not see-through at all.


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