Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton

[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Pregnancy Style by Anabell Ingleton]

Hello fabulous Preggosphere mamas...


Today, we are shining the spotlight on Anabell Ingelton. A mother and mommy-to-be who lives in Rancho Cucamonga California. This hot mama is on her grind and is not letting being preggo slow her down. She is the host of Pregnancy Perfect Podcast, a weekly podcast for moms to share their pregnancy stories and to inspire others. Here's the 411 on Anabell. 


Name: Anabell Ingleton


Your Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California


Your Occupation: Stay-at-home-mom or as I like to call it #SAHM :) and Host of the Pregnancy Perfect Podcast


Your Due Date: October 1st, 2014 (her name will be Olivia Grace Ingleton :)


Number of other children (w/ names and ages):  Alyssa Taylor and she is 13 years old


Signifant other name: Claudio Ingleton, III


[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton wearing Maternity Dress]


Preggosphere:  Tell us a little bit about yourself

Anabell:   I’m 34 years old, married to the love of my life, Claudio, and we’ve been married for just a little over a year now.  I’m mom to 2 girls, Alyssa Taylor and Olivia Grace who is on the way! I’m an identical twin to one of my best friends, Mabell.  I’m Mexican-American, I speak fluent Spanish and I’m one of 8 siblings. I love my family and love God, who is the reason I am who I am today.  I’m a bit of a nerd.  I love to read a good book and listen to podcasts about self improvement and business. I love a fresh manicure and look forward to cooking dinner for family every night!    


[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton with a friend]


Preggosphere:   What’s the best and worst part about being pregnant?

Anabell:   The best part about being pregnant is knowing I’m helping God make the miracle of life who at the end of 9 months will have a little bit of my quirkiness and my husband’s class all rolled into one being! The worst part about being pregnant….oh gosh can I only list one thing? LOL.  Pregnancy this time around has been physically challenging to say the least, but I think the hardest part is not having any control over my body and all the changes its making.  From the back pain, leg cramps, nausea, weight gain and other bodily functions, lol that I’ve now realized I can’t control….all have been so daunting and sometimes painful.  I honestly thought pregnancy was going to be sooo easy, but it’s been a challenge that has made me appreciate my pre-baby body immensely! Change isn’t something I deal well with but this has tested me and I feel like I have grown from the beautiful experience.  


[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton wearing Bright Red Maternity Dress]


Preggosphere.   How would you describe your fashion style? Has it changed since you got pregnant?

Anabell:  If I could describe my fashion style in a few words they would be classic, conservative, elegant and preppy.  I was a Realtor before getting pregnant so pencil skirts, high heels, blazers and trendy jewelry were a daily pick for me.  I miss it so much!! On a casual work day, I would combine a dark pair of maternity jeans, a navy Salvatorre Ferragamo belt with navy pumps, a button up white shirt with a bright colored v-neck sweater on top or blazer. Since being pregnant…well….because all my dresses and skirts were very well tailored to my body, within the first month, my whole wardrobe was basically unwearable! (is that a word?) It was winter so I resorted to leggings, leggings and more leggings! I so wish Preggo Leggings were available when I first became pregnant!! I stopped working as a Realtor after my third month of pregnancy so I would simply pair my leggings with tees, tanks with long sweaters or my Nike’s and a fitted tee. And I was home and working on my new podcast show that I got away with that attire daily!  I sincerely miss dressing up.


[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton wearing White Mini Dress]


Preggosphere:  If I raided your closet right now, what would I find most of?  


Anabell: Shoes, shoes and more shoes! I have a whole wall dedicated to a few rows of heels. I’ve had to invest in a few pairs of flats when getting pregnant and really had to get used to walking in them too! You’d find dresses, skirts and blazers. I have so many. I’m not a very “casual” dresser.  I love feeling feminine and getting dressed up.   

[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton wearing Black sandals]


Preggosphere:  What’s your go-to pregnancy outfit?  


Anabell: It’s all about being comfortable now that I’m in my 7th month. My go-to outfit: I still rock a pair of black maternity leggings, a white maternity tank with a cute flower kimono over that I got from Ross, believe it or not. It’s gorg and I love that it has black fringy tassels all underneath. I feel very boho-mother earth when wearing it :) And I can dress it up with heels or sandals. 

[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton wearing Workout top and Leggings]


Preggosphere:  What brands do you love - maternity or otherwise?


Anabell:  I LOVE Calvin Klein for his dresses and pencil skirts. It’s like he makes his clothes precisely for my body. They fit like a glove.  Other brands I love are Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Ann Taylor. Mind you, they make a very classic/preppy style of clothing which I love. I’m not too trendy except for with shoes and jewelry. So I’ll spend less money on those items sine they’re ever-changing. I’ll go to Zara and H&M for accessories or more trendy pieces.


[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton Showing bump while reading]


Preggosphere:  Are you skipping the heels while preggo or wear them throughout your pregnancy?


Anabell: I literally had an emotional meltdown when I thought my husband suggested I stop wearing heels while pregnant. Ultimately it was a misunderstanding on my part. (I blame the pregnancy hormones!) He would never ask me to give up something I love.  I even went so far as to writing an eBook: 20 Things You Actually CAN Do While Pregnant that dispelled the myth that pregnant women couldn’t wear heels, amongst other things just so I could show my husband and the world that “see, you CAN wear heels while pregnant!" So to answer your question…no I’m not skipping the heels! They make me feel normal, if that makes sense. I think I was born with heels on. lol If I’m getting dressed up, I’m wearing heels. I’m excited about my upcoming baby shower because I’ll be getting a new pair to wear with a new dress:)


[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton with her partner]


Preggosphere:  Fill in the blank: I wouldn't  dream of leaving the house without --------


Anabell:  Earrings!!! I’ve worn earrings daily ever since I was a little girl. I even wear studs to go for a run. So weird, I know.


[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton with a baby]


Preggosphere:  What moms do you think have/had great maternity style?


Anabell:  This is a great question! I follow a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram when they were pregnant. I loved seeing Morgan Hutchinson from shopBURU.com, Stella Eneanya with Jadore-Fashion, Christine Andrew, Amber Fillerup, Morgan Allen, Cara Loren and Tara Gibson and their maternity style! 

[Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Style Q&A with Anabell Ingleton] - [Anabell Ingleton with huge bump]


Preggosphere: Are you a trend setter or do you prefer to follow the latest trend? Or a little bit of both?  


Anabell:  Because I love a more classic style of dressing, I’d say I’m a bit of a lone trendsetter.  I hardly ever wear “trendy” styles like high-waisted denim shorts for example.  I wear what I’m comfortable in and what represents my personality.  Great jeans, a comfy tee, a blazer and heels fits me perfectly because I can express my more fun side through my heels, tee and jewelry while still looking classic with a blazer.  


Preggosphere: Thank you Anabell or answering our questions so candidly. Be sure to check out Anabell's podcast at www.pregnancyperfect.com.











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