About Us

So how exactly did Preggo Leggings come about? Well, it all started when I created my first company You! Lingerie – a designer brand of the cutest maternity and nursing lingerie. As a fashion lover, I was inspired and thought why stop at just making gorgeous maternity under-garments for fashionista mamas? Why not create a fashion staple for stylish moms…and VIOLA…Preggo Leggings was born! :-)

Preggo Leggings was made with you in mind, yes you…. my fellow fashion lover, dressing up your bump no longer needs to be nine months of daunting drabilicious style (yes, I just made up a word, but you get the idea).

Preggo Leggings is equal parts comfy and cute maternity leggings that every fashionista mama seriously can’t live without. Mix and match all of our gorgeous colors to create dozens of new outfits from your existing wardrobe. Dress it up or down, or just lounge around in them…Totally up to you.

So come join our Preggosphere with the most comfy maternity leggings that literally goes with everything, I mean everything you own and love.  Oh, you can just thank me later. :-)


Mwaah & XOXO



P.S. We’d love to see all the ways you dress up your bump with Preggo Leggings, so don’t forget to use our hashtag #preggoleggings & #preggosphere on social media.