Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A with Keila Leist

Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A with Keila Leist

Hello preggosphere mamas! After searching all over social media for the most fashionable preggo mama, we came across Keila Leist and we definitely knew we wanted her to be a part of Bump Style Approved! Make way! The most gorgeous preggo mama is in the building! Check out all her fun deets! On your mark, get set, READ!:-)


Name: Keila Leist 


Your Hometown: The Twin Cities- St. Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota


Current Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Your Occupation: Domestic Diva ;) 


Your Due Date:  November 9th, 2014


Number of other children (w/ names and ages):  Gabriel 16 months 


Significant other name:   Benjamin 



Preggosphere:    Tell us a little bit about yourself


Keila:  I graduated college with a B.S. And worked in the medical field for over 7 years. Once our son was born, we decided that I'd stay at home with him while he is young. I quickly realized that staying at home with him, and being able to exclusively breastfeed left me little time for myself. As much as I love being able to do these things, I didn't want to 'lose' myself in the process of mothering. That's when I decided I would begin writing as a creative outlet and started blogging. It then turned into more than writing and became a platform to share our story (family, fashion, food, and living in a new city).



Preggosphere:  What's the best and worst part about being pregnant?


Keila: Best part is the kicks and feeling him move and grow. The worst part is not knowing exactly when he will come! I wish I had the exact date and time!



Preggosphere: Yes, don't we all. They are so innocent and little but they seem to have a mind of their own, LOL. So, how would you describe your fashion style? Has it changed since you got pregnant?


Keila: I would say my style is both functional and chic. I try to keep it simple because with a toddler running around I don't have a lot of time to pull myself together. It has changed a lot since my first pregnancy. As a breastfeeding mom, I had to learn how to dress cute while nursing and that is hard to do! But after a while you get used to the changes and putting an outfit together becomes easier.



Preggosphere: If I raided your closet right now, what would I find most of?


Keila: Maxis and skirts! I have been living in them this summer.



Preggosphere: What's your go-to pregnancy outfit?


Keila: A cute pair of maternity leggings and a flowy tunic- you can't go wrong :)



Preggosphere: What brands do you love - maternity or otherwise?


Keila: I love to mix it up and hardly ever look at brands. If the piece looks great and it's within my budget- I buy it. 



Preggosphere: Are you skipping the heels while preggo or wear them throughout your pregnancy?


Keila: I wear them throughout. Although for the day-to-day I wear a cute flat or sandal.


Preggosphere:   Fill in the blank: I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without ______


Keila: A shower! It's the first thing I do to get ready, even if it's only 5 minutes. Works wonders!


Preggosphere: Oh we know! There's literally nothing as magical as showers!  Okay, what moms do you think have/had great maternity style?



Keila: I follow so many chic mom bloggers and IG fashionistas and it is hard to choose. But I love a mom who can look effortless and cute. Among celebrities, I think Kourtney Kardashian has it down to a science.


Preggosphere: She is one hot preggo mama for sure. Would you say you a trend setter or do you prefer to follow the latest trend? Or a little bit of both?


Keila: I'd say a little bit of both :) I love putting outfits together and sharing what I think looks chic but that might not be everyone's cup of tea. When it comes to trends I tend to pick items that I think are versatile and will last longer than a season. But that isn't always the case ;) 



Thank you so much Keila for answering all our fashion questions! Hey mamas, stop whatever you are doing NOW and go check out Keila's blog at mommyinmilwaukee.blogspot.com


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