Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A With Autumn Klair

Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A With Autumn Klair

We are back at it again preggosphere mamas and this time, we are featuring a beautiful, sexy and a very hot preggo mom-to-be, Autumn Klair. Yep! Everything she wears doesn't only look effortless, it looks absolutely FLAWLESS. So have a sit, grab a delicious mocktail and enjoy this fab fashionista's preggo style.



Name:  Autumn Klair 


Your Hometown:  Salt Lake City, UT

Current Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Your Occupation: Stay at Home Mom

Your Due Date: April 15th, 2015

Number of other children (w/ names and ages): Klair Marie, 2 years old and baby boy on the way

Significant other name: Sam


Preggosphere: Tell us a little bit about yourself


Autumn:  I am a stay at home mama and a life and style blogger. I graduated from the University of Utah and taught social studies at a middle school before my baby girl was born. Now I fill my time chasing after my energetic little toddler and I love it! I blog about fashion, photography, cooking, spirituality, and my simple, beautiful life. 



Preggosphere:  Oh yeah, chasing after your little one around the house is a pretty darn good workout, LOL. So tell us, what is the worst and best part about being pregnant?


Autumn:  For me, pregnancy is a pretty rough experience. I’m sick throughout, so that’s definitely my biggest complaint. On the other hand, the best part is knowing what the end result will be.  The end definitely justifies the means! This time around I have a better idea of the indescribable, breathtaking joy that I will experience that first time I’m able to hold my baby in my arms. I also really enjoy the kicks. They’re my consistent reminder of the miracle that is currently taking place within me.



Preggosphere: Awwww...that is so precious. Okay, now how would you describe your fashion style? Has it changed since you got pregnant?


Autumn:  I don’t feel like I have a specific style that I can easily describe. I love trying out different looks and new trends; however, I will say that since I’ve become a mom I’m a little more conservative in my choices. I prefer modest, classic pieces that make me feel pretty.



Preggosphere:  If I raided your closet right now, what would I find most of?


Autumn:  I’ve been really drawn to the pretty pastels for spring. This year I have a serious case of spring fever—I think in large part because baby boy is due in April. Lately I’m loving bright colors, pretty little floral prints, and lace.




Preggosphere:  Definitely can't go wrong with bright colors. So, What’s your go-to pregnancy outfit?


Autumn:  Anything with leggings. I have a few pairs of maternity jeans, but I prefer leggings any day. They’re so much more comfortable, and I feel like I can pair them with anything. I’m particularly fond of my Preggo Leggings in “Oh Baby Blue” because they’re the perfect, fun hue for spring!



Preggosphere:  What brands do you love - maternity or otherwise?


Autumn:  Maternity Preggo Leggings have been a heaven sent. A Pea in the Pod is great when I want to splurge on myself a little, and ASOS also has a fantastic assortment of maternity styles. For good deals I’ve been loving Pink Blush Maternity. I also like Target’s maternity line because it’s convenient and inexpensive.




Preggosphere: Are you skipping the heels while preggo or wear them throughout your pregnancy?


Autumn:  I’m a shorty with a tall husband, so I live in heels. I’m definitely a lot pickier with the ones I wear these days though. They have to be comfortable!




Preggosphere: Oh totally! You definitely don't want to wear uncomfortable heels. Your day just won't go well, believe me, LOL.  Fill in the blank: I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without ____________


Autumn:  Without a diaper bag stocked full of essentials... and a good lip stick. 



Preggosphere:  I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing  ___________


Autumn:  A pair of super stretch leggings and a comfy tunic.



Preggosphere:  What moms do you think have/had great maternity style?


Autumn:  I absolutely love Cara Loren’s style (who doesn’t)? She rocked the maternity styles. I also admire my good friend and fellow blogger Sandy Ala Mode. She is such a stylish mama!



Preggosphere:  Are you a trend setter or do you prefer to follow the latest trend? Or a little bit of both? 


Autumn:  I would say that I am a little of both!




Preggosphere:  Thank you so much for answering our questions. Hey mamas, be sure to check out Autumn Klair's blog at www.autumnklair.com to get more scoop on her life and tips on how she stays super duper fabulous while preggo.


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