Think You Are Expecting? Here Are 9 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms
Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

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For those women who are ready to have a baby, you eagerly wait for the early symptoms of pregnancy such as tender breast, morning sickness, fatigue, and heightened smell. Well, did you know that there are some pregnancy symptoms that are so unusual, most women confuse it for an onset of PMS and do not realize that they are in fact baking a bun in their ovens?

List of Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Weird Abdominal Pain

So most women get cramps right before their period appears. Sometimes, some women confuse abdominal pain for just that. Some women have said it feels like really bad gas while others say it just feels a bit different from the pain you get from menstrual cramping.

2.  Sticky White Or Pale Discharge

Usually, some women get discharge while ovulating but when you are pregnant, you might experience a white, milky discharge due to the thickening of your vagina's wall. If you develop a foul smell or becomes itchy and greenish-yellow in color, then you definitely want to talk to your doctor immediately as that could be a sign of infection.

3. Mood Swings

Because your body is going through so many changes, you might experience some unexplained mood swings. If you frequently get angry or depressed for no reason, then you might be pregnant. If you are normally a moody person, on the other hand, it might be hard to notice the subtle difference. To keep the mood swings under control, try meditation and try hard to keep a cheerful mood.

4. Over sweating

Because your hormones are literally on overdrive, you sweat. I mean...really sweat. If you notice this, you just might be pregnant. Just be sure to keep hydrated and avoid thick clothing. Carry your antiperspirant with you at all times. If it becomes bothersome, talk to your doctor about it. 

5.  Bloody Gums

Only a few women experience this but usual bleeding when you brush could be a sign of early pregnancy. Hormonal changes cause blood flow to your gums which makes it swell and bleed when pressured. If it gets worse, pregnancy periodontitis can cause your teeth to shift and can lead to other concerns. Switch to a soft toothbrush and visit your dentist regularly.

6. Racing Heart

Hormonal changes cause an increase in blood flow throughout your body, which in turn will cause your heart to race a bit faster (10-15 beats per minute) than what you are used to. Yep! You might be pregnant if you experience this. When this happens, you might feel anxious and experience shortness of breath, it's your body just getting used to having a growing baby inside you. Be sure to visit your OB-GYN regularly to monitor you, your heart and your little one.

7. Spotting

Some women typically confuse this light pink or brown colored blood with being on their period. It's actually not! This is medically known as implantation bleeding. This happens when the eggs get fertilized and attach itself to the uterus within 6-7 days of fertilization. If the bleeding is light and spotty, then you might just be preggers. It is perfectly normal and should not cause you to feel alarmed. 

8.  Voice Change

If you notice your voice is a tad bit raspy or an octave higher, you might be expecting. Change in estrogen and progesterone hormones are of course to blame for this weird change. No worries, it won't last forever. It usually disappears after the baby arrives. If it becomes an issue because your job depends on the use of your voice, talk to your OB-GYN and she might be able to refer you to a specialist who can help.

9.  Stuffed Up Nose

Are you constantly dealing with a runny nose but find that you are never sick? Yep! That could be an early sign of pregnancy. Increased blood production and hormones cause your mucous membrane to swell, dry and bleed. If you notice this, simply drink lots of water, buy a humidifier to help make the air not so dry. If you experience nosebleeds, keep your head straight and pinch your nose or apply ice on the bridge of your nose and pinch until the bleeding stop. If the bleeding does not let up, visit your doctor. 


Share your experience with us. What weird early pregnancy symptoms did you have?

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