Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A With Andrea Snow

Bump Style Approved: Pregnancy Q&A With Andrea Snow

Whoop! Whoop! It's time for another round of Bump Style Approved and this time, we are asking one super awesome mom-to-be, a teacher to-be and amazing blogger, Andrea Snow all about her preggo style. Andrea gives us the scoop on her beautiful pregnancy style and she also tells us all about her pregnancy.

Read on to find out all about Andrea Snow from Guatemala City and what makes her style all so unique. Here we go!


Name: Andrea Snow

Your Hometown: Guatemala City

Current Location: California

Your Occupation: Student/New Doterra Health Wellness Advocate

Your Due Date: July 24th

Number of other children (w/ names and ages): Baby Henry on his way.

Significant other name: My handsome husband Jacob.


Preggosphere:  Tell us a little bit about yourself



Andrea:  I can speak 3 languages fluently! Spanish, French, and English. English is my third language. I am studying to become a Pre-K, Kindergarten, or First grade teacher. I love children!


Preggosphere:  That's pretty impressive! Bravo! Okay, what is the best and worst part about being pregnant?



Andrea: Best part is growing a little miracle baby inside of me! I love feeling his kicks, wiggles, him moving all over and seeing him move. The worst part for me has been not being able to work out, go on long walks, and etc. I have gained more weight because of that. It’s hard seeing your body change but it’s all worth it for him. If I do too much, I start cramping, spotting or I have contractions. Don’t worry, Henry and I are still healthy. 


Preggosphere:  Oh gosh! You definitely should take it easy Andrea:-)  So, how would you describe your fashion style? Has it changed since you got pregnant?



Andrea:  My style is modest, classic, and timeless most of the time. I love feeling feminine and comfortable. I also love wearing pieces that will look good years from now. The only thing that has changed is wearing skinny jeans and tight shorts. Those do not fit anymore. Hehe


Preggosphere:  If I raided your closet right now, what would I find most of?




Andrea:  Dresses maternity/non maternity, long non maternity shirts, and maternity shirts


Preggosphere:  What’s your go-to pregnancy outfit?



Andrea:  A beautiful flattering dress but my favorite ones are Maxi dresses. They help me look longer.


Preggosphere:  What brands do you love - maternity or otherwise?



Andrea:  My favorite maternity brands are You! Lingerie, Preggo Leggings, anything at Target/Destination Maternity/Pum Bum BoutiqueFor non-maternity I love Mikarose, Lularoe, H&M, Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Nordstrom. 


Preggosphere: Are you skipping the heels while preggo or wear them throughout your pregnancy?




Andrea:  I only wear them to church but at the beginning-middle of my second trimester I would wear wedges. Now I stick to my Birkenstock and sandals. 


Preggosphere:  Fill in the blank: I wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without ___




Andrea:  My smart phone. Lame I know hehe.


Preggosphere:  I feel most comfortable when _____




Andrea:  I am wearing something feminine and flattering.


Preggosphere:  What moms do you think have/had great maternity style?




 Andrea:  I loved seeing Little Miss Priss style her pregnancy! She looked so beautiful. My favorite mommy bloggers are Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies, Cara Loren, Bird a La Mode, and Barefoot Blonde. I have been following their blogs for years.


Preggosphere:  Are you a trend setter or do you prefer to follow the latest trend? Or a little bit of both?




Andrea:  I would say I am a little bit of both. Thank you so for this lovely interview! Your company is amazing!


Awww...thank you so much Andrea for talking to us. You totally ROCK and we love your style. You know just how to make everything look effortless and chic. Everyone, go check out Andrea's blog to get more scoop on her preggo fashion and a whole lot more.










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