5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon

[5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon] - [Luxury Resort]
[5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon] - [Swimming Pool]


Moms-to-be are constantly in planning mode for their little ones' introduction into this world. Taking a baby moon is the new “in-thing” for moms-to-be. It's a chance to rejuvenate and reconnect with your partner before the baby arrives.

Best Time for a Baby Moon

The best time to travel for a baby moon is between the 18th and 24th week of your pregnancy. Always consult your doctor before making travel plans.

Fab Baby Moon Ideas

Here are some fabulous ideas for baby moon getaways that won't break the bank.

1. Some Like It Hot

[5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon] - [Tropical Island Resort]

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If you love the ocean, consider a tropical island like Jamaica or Bora Bora. For a budget-friendly option, California offers breathtaking beach views.

2. Just Unplug

[5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon] - [Perfect Nature Cabin]

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If you want to unplug and enjoy nature, a cabin is the perfect hideout. Pick a destination that fits your budget.

3. Resort & Spas

[5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon] - [Resort and Spa]

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For ultimate pampering, consider a resort with 24-hour room service and spas. Choose a destination that suits you.

4. Take a Cruise

[5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon] - [Cruise]

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Consider a cruise for a romantic getaway. Make sure to check the cruise line's pregnancy policy before booking.

5. Cost-Effective R&R

[5 Fab Ideas For A Babymoon] - [Picnic]

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You don't have to go far for a good baby moon. Consider a quiet picnic, a local hotel stay, or even a home-cooked meal.


Where did you or do you want to go for your baby moon?

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