7 Creative First Birthday Party Ideas

first birthday party ideas
The day a baby was born is probably one of the happiest moments in a parent’s life. The feeling of finally meeting your mini version is just unexplainable and the excitement it brings to parents is a once in a lifetime experience. Celebrating your baby’s first year with you is considered such a blessing, be able to watch the mini grow up, capture his first smile, guide him with his crawl attempts, the first words are just few things you would always remember during his first year journey.

Of course, we want to make his first year with us special and let us find out what fun ways we can do to make the celebration extra special for your baby, your family and your friends.

Fun ideas and other activities you can do on your baby’s first birthday

1. Costume Party
Wearing costumes are not only for kids and adults during Halloween. Seeing babies wearing super cute costume can be fun for both kids and the parents during parties. Parents can either buy one at the nearest grocery store or they can have a DIY costume that can be a fun activity for the whole family

2. Dessert Bar

You do not want to limit your kids on what to eat during parties, because parents of the celebrant will most likely serve something that kids would enjoy. Dessert buffet are great during parties, not only kids would enjoy the brownies, cupcakes and jellybeans but some parents, too! 😉

baby birthday dessert bar

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3. Bounce House and Playground

What a better way to turn up the party but with these inflatable jumping playground! These inflatable houses would be a big hit for kids during birthday parties because they would not have to sit throughout the party, but they can just bounce around the house and play with other kids.

bounce house

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4. Birthday Party Backdrop

Renting photo booth during birthdays are not practical anymore. Instead, you can make a party backdrop to set the theme of your kid’s party. You can just have a beautiful party backdrop so guests can take a photo straight from their smartphones.

birthday backdrop

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5. Make Your Own Cupcake

Thinking of fun activities for cute guests to do on your kid’s birthday? Why not let them decorate their own cupcakes! You do not really need to buy a lot of stuff for this fun activity some of the ingredients are already available in the pantry. You can just buy ready made cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles and let kids showcase their creativity!

first birthday ideas

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6. DIY Party Theme

Getting catering service for your child’s first birthday is not practical. You do not need to hire an event’s planner for a birthday party for a one year old. There are several ideas you can get from Pinterest and YouTube that will help you with your theme of your choice.

first birthday party diy

7. Party Giveaways

Goody bags are always part of parties and most kids are looking forward to it before the celebration ends. It does not really have to be expensive and filled with candies. A simple thank you note, lollipops, pencils and stickers are just few things every kid would appreciate and remember on your child’s first birthday. 😊

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