7 Unconventinal Ways To Sneak In A Workout After Baby

how to work out when you have kids

Having a baby is a full-time job, I mean...LITERALLY. It's hard to find time to do anything, especially working out. Really, where is the time when you are constantly caring for your baby or toddler? There are several creative ways to get your exercise in even though your baby or toddler is right across the room.

The Stairs and Dancing

The staircase is your friend when trying to drop off some calories. Use your baby as your personal dumbbell. Carry your baby up and down the stairs with you several times throughout the day. This will help you tone up your arms and legs. If you get bored with the stairs, you can get your baby to be your dance partner. You can carry your baby in a carrier so that he/she is close to your body. Be sure to make sure his head is very well supported and avoid abrupt turns to keep from shaking him/her. If you want to leave him in his bouncy or swing, keep him/her entertained by dancing around him. Put on your favorite music and dance to get your heart rate elevated.

asian mom sneaking a workout in by jogging with stroller

Jogging With a Stroller

Take a stroll around your neighborhood or in the park with your little one. Not only do you get your workout in, your little one will enjoy being out of the house and he/she will surely enjoy the scenery.

Squatting It Out

Get in a squat position with your baby safely in your hands. Stand up and lift your baby over your head. Do as many reps as your body will allow you and you can space it out throughout the day. There is another way to do this and it is going to be easy to remember to do. Every time you go to the restroom, do a quick 20 body weight squats. Squats help you tone your thighs, hips and abdominal abs.

Jumping Jacks

An oldie but a goodie! You can do jumping jacks pretty much anytime, anywhere. This simple workout can be incorporated to your daily routine and its pretty easy. For every hour you are free, do 25 jumping jacks. This can be done in less than 30 seconds every time.

white mom sneaking a workout in by doing push-up on floor with her baby

TV Commercials & Push-Ups

Get up and make commercials count for something. While watching your favorite television show, do 10 push ups every commercial break. If you make this a habit, your arms back and core are bound to be toned. Go ahead, give it a try. It's a great way to get in a quick workout while waiting for your favorite show to come back on.

Hug Squat

Hold your precious little babe to your chest with both hands. Your feet should be spread a bit apart. Now squat down with your chest still elevated and come back up while maintaining a good straight posture. You can choose the number of times you would like to repeat this exercise. This will surely work out your hips, glutes, shoulder and core.

Afro-latina mom sneaking a workout in by walking with her baby

Small Walks

Trust me but every bit counts. When you go out with your little one, get in the habit of parking your car a little bit further away so you can put in a little walk. Even when you are home, it's hard to feel like being active if you've been up all night or if you are tired but walking around your house may seem like nothing but believe me, every calorie counts.


What kinds of workouts do you do with your baby at home?

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