9 Things to Expect on Being a First-time Mom

Things to Expect on Being a First-time Mom

When you ask someone what it’s like to be a mom, they would always say that it is hard, but would not trade anything for it. It’s the most dramatic shift in any woman’s life with all the roller-coaster of emotions and experiences that come with it (especially for the first time), yet, it is still the most rewarding

We list down 9 things that you can expect on being a first-time mom:

  1. You would never be really ready for it. (No one ever


    We know there is a time when you really want to have a child and feel like you are ready for it. You read articles or watch videos about how to care for a newborn, the do’s and don’ts, the parenting, how to breastfeed -- you also ask your mom friends or sisters, and most especially your mom about it. But these things don’t serve as much when the moment comes. You can try to learn as much as you want, but accept this: no first-time mom has ever said that she was totally ready for it, so it’s okay, YOU’RE DOING GREAT!

  2. It is going to be hard, but it will get easier.

    Having that cute little bundle of joy could be the best thing, but it comes with all the challenges physically, mentally, and emotionally. You won’t know what you’re doing most of the time and it’s going to give you the feeling that you’re not good enough. But please remember, you are not the only one because every mom goes through that. As your baby grows from month to month, you might even say, “Hmm... I think I’m starting to figure it out”. And it always gets easier, just continue being strong, momma! 💪🏽

  3. You’ll say hello to sleepless nights.

    They say that the fourth trimester is the hardest - or the first 3 months after giving birth. This is the time when you are still in pain physically postpartum, and your newborn just won’t let you sleep. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” does not work for every mom. So when you have your friends or family visiting you or your baby, take advantage of it and take a nap. You could use some help from your hubby/partner, too. I’m sure they’ll be delighted to.

  4. You won’t mind poopy diapers as much as you did before.

    I don’t know, but when I didn’t have my baby yet and was still enjoying my life as a single, I just couldn’t stand the smell of poopy diapers. If it’s time for my sister to change my nephew, I’ll come rushing out the door.
    But now that I am a mom, I can change my daughter’s diapers in a breeze and without batting an eye. Easy-peasy👌

  5. You will get angry and annoyed easily.

    When you’re little human just won’t sleep at 3 AM or it hurts you really bad when you’re breastfeeding, it is normal to feel mad. No, you’re not a bad person or a bad mom for feeling that way. We know how restless it could feel going through all these changes, so it’s okay

  6. Your home will almost never become clean.

    With all the baby feeding bottles, rattle toys, baby blankets, and clothes - plus the dishes and the laundry and the floor, it is almost impossible to get your home squeaky clean, especially that you have a baby to focus on. If you can’t get house help, then it is going to be that way. It’s only for a short time, though. Who knows, you might even miss the mess when your kid grows up😜

  7. You will shower less often.

    Not that you don’t want to, but you just can’t - because of all the mom work you have to accomplish before finally retiring for the day. When you’re about to close your eyes to have a good night, you realize that you didn’t have the time to shower.  Again, it’s okay. We know your baby has been WELL taken care of for the day. 

  8. You will see hair EVERYWHERE.

    It’s gotta be your hair. But there’s no need to panic about this, momma. That is a completely normal after-effect of giving birth. On average, postpartum hair loss lasts up to three months. But most women will have their hair to return to the usual growth cycle between 6 and 12 months after birth. So don’t worry, it’s just a phase and you should grow that beautiful hair back!

  9. You are going to LOVE that baby more than anyone.

    I wasn’t a baby person before I had one. Babies are cute and all, but I just can’t hang around them, trying to make them giggle for the whole day. But when I gave birth and see my baby growing, I started to wish that I didn’t have to sleep just so I can stare at her and be there for her 24/7, not wanting to miss out on anything. You won’t know how much love you can feel for someone until your baby arrives and call you mom.

There could be more in this list and we can go on and on, but one thing is for sure: You will survive this, no matter what phase it is on your motherhood. One day, when you can finally get the sleep that you need, you will look back on these days with so much pride and joy, smiling to yourself because YOU DID IT. 

You got this, momma! ❤️




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