Behind the Scenes of The Preggo Leggings Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes of The Preggo Leggings Photoshoot
Right from inception, Preggo Leggings has been an idea that has danced inside the brilliant mind of CEO and owner, Uyo-Okebie-Eichelberger. Today, that idea has moved far beyond drawings on paper and manifested into a real life thing that tantalizes the naked eyes with an assortment of colors. Here are some behind the scene footage and shots from our KILLER photoshoot. This is where all the magic happened. Literally!
PS: Don't forget to dream BIG and always aim for the sky. Enjoy:-)
Preggo Leggings Photoshoot
Best Maternity Leggings
Red Pregnancy Leggings
Blue Maternity Leggings
Yellow Maternity  Leggings
woman with her hair being fixed for Preggo Leggings photoshoot
woman posing for Preggo Leggings photoshoot
Maternity leggings photoshoot
Brown maternity leggings
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