Benefits of Drinking Water During Pregnancy

Benefits of Drinking Water During Pregnancy

We’ve heard this before since we were kids: Drink 8 glasses of water everyday.

It’s important for us then and it’s twice as essential and critical for us now that we are carrying our baby.

Staying hydrated during pregnancy


How Hydration During Pregnancy Can Benefit You


  1. It’s essential in carrying oxygen and nutrients to our body and our baby.

     Drinking water helps preserve an adequate level of amniotic fluid which protects the fetus and helps transport nutrients between mother and baby.

  2. It prevents dehydration.

    Most of the time, dehydration is a contributing factor to why we experience headaches, dizziness, and crampings (though not always the case. Remember: Best practice is to consult your doctor). DON’T WAIT UNTIL WE’RE THIRSTY before drinking water because we are most likely dehydrated by then.

  3. It increases our energy.

    Our bodies go through different changes during pregnancy and it requires a whole lot of energy to make sure that our baby is well taken care of. Water, together with healthy food intake, helps boost our energy so make sure we drink lots of it in between meals.


  4. It keeps us cooler, especially during the summer!

    Moms, we all know how hard it is during the summer. It isn’t just uncomfortable and hard for us to move around, it can also be risky. Make sure that we keep ourselves in check during the summertime and drink as much water as we need.


  5. Less risk of urinary tract infection and constipation.

    Probably a universal experience among pregnant women is this: We pee. All. The. Time. For some, they also experience constipation. It’s exhausting that we have to get up and go to the toilet a hundred times a day but that also means it’s critical for us to make sure we are hydrated.

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