#BumpStyleApproved: Hit the streets with this gorgeous look!

#BumpStyleApproved: Hit the streets with this gorgeous look!

 A New Yorker/ blogger/ stylist/ a science nerd/ a devout Starbucks coffee drinker and most of all a Cool Mama! Those are just some of the attributes of our preggo mama here—Jalisa Giron.

We have spotted her styling our Green with Envy Moto Maternity Leggings. Jalisa loved the leggings so much so let's hear what she has to say...


gorgeous maternity outfit

 "Would you believe that these are actually leggings, not jeans?! Yup and they're maternity leggings at that! Eddie couldn't believe it."

Cotton Maternity pants

 "They don't feel like your typical cotton or spandex leggings, yet they don't feel like jeggings, they feel rather smooth and are quite comfy; I don't know how else to explain them, haha."

Fashionable Maternity Pants

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