#BumpStyleApproved: Look How Cute These Moto Leggings Are

#BumpStyleApproved: Look How Cute These Moto Leggings Are

Denim Maternity Leggings
Pregnant in Preggo Leggings: What do you think about Catalina's casual day look? She's wearing our Blue Crush Moto Leggings that are super soft, stretchy, supportive and so so comfortable. This mama is also looking cute with her Soopreme Sweatshirt in White that fit greats
that you would feel like wearing everywhere!

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This sweatshirt and leggings from @preggo.leggings is so perfect for this occasion cause it’s exactly how I feel right now PREGGO!!! We’re in the home stretch of this pregnancy, just counting down the days till our little babe is here👶🏻

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