From Buffet to Baby: The Unbelievable Birth Story of Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork

From Buffet to Baby: The Unbelievable Birth Story of Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork

Alright, ladies and gents, gather 'round for a wild ride into the world of surprise baby deliveries and all-you-can-eat buffets. Grab your popcorn (or maybe a plate of fried chicken), because this story is one for the books.

A Golden Corral Surprise: The Birth of Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork

Picture this: You’re out for a nice family dinner at Golden Corral, your stomach’s rumbling, but it’s not the mashed potatoes you’re craving. No, it’s something far more unexpected. Enter Tayvia Woodfork, who strolled into the North Little Rock, Arkansas location with her family on May 4th, feeling a bit off. Little did she know, she wasn’t just hungry for dinner – she was about to deliver a baby.

Dinner Date Turned Delivery Room

Tayvia, a 26-year-old mother from Mississippi, thought she was just dealing with some intense cramps when she excused herself to the bathroom. Spoiler alert: those weren’t just cramps; they were full-on labor contractions. Yep, this is where the plot thickens.

“I thought I was just having some really bad cramps,” Tayvia said. “Next thing I know, I’m delivering a baby in the bathroom!” Talk about a plot twist.

Tayvia Woodfork didn’t know she was pregnant until she gave birth inside a Golden Corral restaurant last month.
Facebook / Tameka Woodfork

Meet Tamaar: The Buffet Baby

In a story that sounds like something straight out of a sitcom, Tayvia gave birth to a healthy baby boy right there in the Golden Corral restroom. Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork made his grand entrance into the world weighing a solid six pounds and immediately secured his spot as the youngest fan of the buffet chain.

And the name? You guessed it. Inspired by his unique birthplace, baby Tamaar’s middle name is a nod to the restaurant where it all happened. Golden Corral took to social media to announce the news with enthusiasm, celebrating their newest (and youngest) fan.

Cryptic Pregnancy: The Surprise of a Lifetime

For those wondering how Tayvia could be so surprised, she experienced what’s known as a cryptic pregnancy. According to medical experts, this is when a person is unaware they’re pregnant until they’re practically ready to deliver. No weight gain, no baby kicks – just a baby showing up like, “Surprise, I’m here!”

Tayvia and Tamaar 3 Woodfork (right) experienced a rare cryptic pregnancy, and didn’t know she was expecting until she gave birth.
Facebook / Tameka Woodfork

Community Cheers and Gift Cards

The restaurant staff and fellow diners were nothing short of supportive. As Tayvia emerged from the bathroom on a stretcher, the entire restaurant erupted in applause. And because this story couldn’t get any sweeter, Golden Corral promised to take care of Tayvia with gift cards, ensuring she’s well-fed while taking care of her new little bundle of joy.

A Viral Sensation

Back in Mississippi, everyone’s buzzing about Tamaar, the baby with the most memorable birth story. From friends and family to complete strangers, everyone wants to meet the Golden Corral baby.

So, there you have it. A story that’s equal parts heartwarming and unbelievable. Welcome to the world, Tamaar Kylon Corral Woodfork. May your life be as surprising and delightful as your entrance. And to Golden Corral – well played on the PR front. We see what you did there, and we’re here for it.

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