HALLOWEEN + COVID-19: How to Celebrate While Staying Safe

halloween during covid 19

With all the social distancing and our efforts to avoid any crowd due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have you ever wondered how Halloween is going to look like this year? How is it going to be fun for the kids? Are face masks going to be part of every costume? 

Obviously, traditional trick-or-treating and crowded costume parties won’t be your best bet during the pandemic. So if you’re looking for ideas on how to celebrate it without risking your family (especially the kids!) getting the virus, look no further. Here, we listed

5 ways you can do Halloween 2020 while staying safe

1 Make Your Own/DIY Halloween Decor

Save some money and keep your kids’ little hands busy by making your DIY Halloween decor for your home. Make little spider webs with papers or a large one by using yarns.

diy halloween decor

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2 Virtual Halloween Costume Party

If there is one thing we’re not giving up this Halloween — it’s going to be the Halloween costumes! This is the best way to keep the Halloween spirit alive especially for our little ones. 

Arrange a schedule with the parents of your kids’ friends and neighbors to participate in a virtual party. Let the kids take turns in showing off their Halloween costumes. Add up a Halloween-themed screen background to really feel the vibe then let them eat their treats after!

virtual halloween party

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3 Halloween Party Games

You can set a day in the week for the whole October to do some Halloween party games or just one game night on the day itself, it really depends how many games you can prepare for the family to play and have fun with. Here are some that we gathered through the web:

Halloween Decor Hunt

Have your  kids search your home for fun Halloween-themed items. Prep a pumpkin full of treats as a prize at the end!

halloween games

 Source: Canva


Make cute ghost cups and stack them up and have the kids knock them down using Nerf guns or ping pong balls. Actually, anything small, light, and round will do! The goal is to knock down as many cups as you can in only 3 shot attempts. Winner gets a prize!


Mystery Boxes: Halloween-Style

Make mystery boxes using storage containers by putting a hole at the top or at  either side and make the kids touch what’s inside and guess what it is. Some ideas for what you can use to spook them: peeled grapes = eyeballs, long sliced bananas = witch tongue. 

halloween games

Source: Canva

More of the idea here: christinamariablog

4 Pumpkin Carving

Another traditional Halloween activity that kids can have fun with while social distancing is carving pumpkins. Get a pumpkin carving kit for kids online - complete tools without any blades so totally kid-friendly. Some even come with stencils!

pumpkin carving
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5 Halloween-themed Cupcake Wars

If you and your kids love baking, then this is the perfect activity for you while staying safe at home. Get the cupcakes and cookies ready and let the kids decorate them with candies and colorful icings. Post the finished products on social media and let your friends pick the spookiest (a.k.a. cutest)!

halloween activities for kids

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These kinds of activities make us look forward to Halloween while in the middle of a pandemic. It gives us the opportunity to explore our creativity and demonstrate our flexibility and positivity during this trying time. We hope this article helps you find ways to celebrate Halloween and make it fun for our kids while staying safe.

Don’t forget to share in the comments other ideas you may have about this topic! 

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