How many nursing bras do I need?

Exploring the world of nursing bras as a new mom? One question that often arises is: how many nursing bras do you actually need? The answer varies based on your lifestyle and budget. If you're planning to return to work or juggling a busy family life, laundry might not be a daily luxury. Nursing bras, essential for breastfeeding, can come with a price tag. Strategic shopping during pregnancy can alleviate the need for a sudden bulk purchase.

WebMD's article on "A Simple Guide to Baby Supplies" suggests a proactive approach — packing a couple of nursing bras for your hospital stay.1 Yet, comfort often drives many women to embrace nursing bras even before the baby arrives. Jennifer Richards of Parents magazine recommends the practicality of acquiring three to four nursing bras and a couple of sleeping nursing bras pre-delivery.2

Sleeping bras, akin to sports bras, provide both comfort and support during the night. Some moms even extend their usage to daytime activities. As your breastfeeding journey progresses, the choice to invest in smaller-sized nursing bras may arise. Your breast size can change over time. Moreover, as you venture out more with your baby, color-matching your nursing bras with your outfits becomes a consideration.

Remember these steps:

  • Initiate your nursing bra shopping before the baby's arrival, ensuring a professional fitting for optimum comfort.
  • Prepare by acquiring a couple of nursing bras and pack them for the hospital stay. Don't forget to explore the convenience of sleeping nursing bras.
  • As your body adapts to breastfeeding, consider another fitting to ensure an ideal fit, crucial for comfort.

By planning your nursing bra essentials, you're not just investing in comfort; you're also investing in your breastfeeding experience.


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