Preggo Halloween: Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas

Preggo Halloween: Last Minute DIY Costume Ideas

We had to sift through so many ideas for our last minute Preggo Halloween Costume Ideas List — and we finally made it! Whew! Here are some fun ways you can dress up your bump this Halloween!


1. ’80s Andre Agassi + Tennis Ball 

DIY Halloween Costume


This is such a fun look to re-create with the husband especially if he’s a tennis superstar wannabe! Plus points for not having to shop for the costume. Just reuse an old black dress and cut a hole as big as your belly for the tennis ball. Use a neon yellow/green tube skirt and white felt for the ball and finish with a neon yellow wig!



2. Avocado Momma

Costume Ideas for Moms


Time to play arts and crafts, mamas! This is such a cute costume to miss. Trace the shape of the avocado in a large cardboard and cut a hole to fit your face and belly. Add straps on the side to secure, wear a brown top and throw on our Mom's Night Out Maternity Leggings to complete the look.

Source: Good Housekeeping


3. Demon Spawn Costume


Pregnancy Halloween Costume


For the wicked sense of humor. After all, halloween is about everything wicked and spooky; plus it’s so easy to do! Just stick this “demon baby” prop from Etsy under your tight shirt and you’re good to go! If you can’t get one (or if they’re out of stock), you can use baby dolls and tape the pieces to your shirt and your belly with a fashion tape. LOL, sorry baby doll!

Source: Etsy


4. Mummy-to-be

Mummy Halloween Costume for Pregnant Mom


A throwback to Jessica Simpson’s 2011 Halloween costume *slash* Baby Bump Reveal.  It wasn’t really a big surprise at the time (we all suspected it, right?) but it definitely was an instant hit. To achieve this look, use gauze instead of TP (this isn’t a bridal shower). Wear white leggings underneath so it’s easier (Umm hellooo, you can use White Out Moto Maternity Leggings from Preggo Leggings).


5. That’s All Yolk!

Cute Halloween Costumes for Moms


As simple as eggs over easy, just wear a yellow shirt/dress underneath and wear a puffy white top/dress over it (if you can hand sew, get yourself a white cloth for extra puff) with a belly hole for the yolk and voila! Pair with our Mom's Night Out Maternity Leggings to complete the look.

Source: Carrie Usmar Instagram

6. Wilsoooonnnn!!!

Wife and Husband Halloween Costume


Time to drag the hubby again for halloween parties! This one’s pretty easy and still a classic. If Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) can create Wilson’s face without any arts and crafts tool with him, you can do it, too. Just let your hubby grow his beard until the 31st and you’re good to go!

Source: Amy Lou Instagram


7. Juno and Bleeker

Juno and Bleeker Halloween Costume


A cult fave and soon to be your friends’ fave, too. Your real life Bleeker can just go and find his old track uniform (LOL). For your Juno look, just go through your closet and you’ll surely find the pieces for your Juno costume - striped tee, hoodie, and jeans. If you’re not into wearing jeans at this stage of your pregnancy, don’t worry! You can shop the Billie Jean Moto Maternity Leggings  or our Santa Monica Maternity Jeans for the perfect look.  


8. Where’s Waldo?

Here’s another easy, last minute costume! Just sport a red and white stripes tee and a red/white bonnet! If you don’t have the bonnet, you can just use your artsy skills to make one. Momma Jamie Dorobek even shared a tutorial. Just click the source link to find out how.
Source: C.R.A.F.T. Jamie Dorobek


9. Beer Belly Man

Beer Belly Man DIY costume


If you have the preggo belly, flaunt it! And what better way to make it fun than to dress up as a Beer belly man. Just wear a fitted top that’s two sizes smaller and add little touches like moustache, chest hair, happy trail hair (LOL), and an *empty* can of beer!

Source: Life with my Littles


10. Bun in the Oven

Bun in the oven Halloween Costume


If you’re feeling extra crafty and you have the time to do this, take your bun in the oven metaphor to literal heights with this cute DIY costume. If you don’t have time to use silver paint on it, just use white cardboard. Pair with our bestselling Mom's Night Out Maternity Leggings to complete the look.


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