Signs You’re Pregnant With A Boy

Signs You’re Pregnant With A Boy
Signs You’re Pregnant With A Boy



Signs it's a boy: Predicting the gender of your baby

One of the most thrilling aspects of pregnancy is learning the gender of the baby. Though the baby’s sex is set as soon as the sperm meets the egg, expecting parents usually need to wait between 18 and 20 weeks to find out their baby’s gender via ultrasound. 

If you have not reached this phase yet in your pregnancy, you might be searching for clues as to what you’re having (you’re probably more inclined to have a boy, that’s why you’re here 😀). So while waiting for the gender reveal day, let’s look at some of the top things most people check to predict if it’s a boy. 👶

You are carrying low.

You might have heard this so many times. If you carry low, it’s likely a boy. Otherwise, it’s a baby girl. But there’s no truth behind this and it was never proven to be accurate. Factors that affect how you carry your bump during pregnancy are the shape of your uterus, your body type, the size of the fetus, and its position.

2 Your baby's heartbeat is lower than 140 beats per minute.

Another interesting sign of your baby being a boy is when the heartbeat is lower than 140 bpm. If it’s more rapid than that, it’s probably a girl. But according to a study in 2006, contrary to this belief, there are no significant differences between male and female fetal heart rates during the first trimester or in early pregnancy. 

3 You experience mild to no morning sickness in any stage of your pregnancy.

Some people believe that the severity of morning sickness can indicate the gender of a baby. The more you experience it, the more likely your baby will be born female. If you don’t feel sick in the early stage of your pregnancy, you’re having a boy. 

The reason behind this theory is that women carrying girls have high levels of hormones and low blood sugar - which makes morning sickness worse for them, while women who carry boys are less likely to experience it. 

Upto this day, there have been no studies to support that the severity of morning sickness can help specify a baby’s gender.

4 You are blooming and glowing.

Do you feel more beautiful now that you’re preggo? Are people giving you compliments of how pregnancy looks good on you? If so, it should be a baby boy on the way! On the other hand, a baby girl will make your hair dull and dry and might give you some acne breakout.  

If you can relate to this with your previous pregnancies, it’s probably just a coincidence. The truth is - hormonal changes in pregnant women affect their skin and hair - regardless of the gender of what they are carrying. So if you’re having a bad hair day, you know it’s just your hormones. No need to sweat it.

5 You crave salty food more than the sweets.

According to another old wives’ tale, women expecting boys crave salty foods like cheese and chips. While if you’re all about the sweets, you must be carrying a girl.

The conclusion: Food cravings are not a valid indicator of a baby’s sex; no study can fully support this idea yet. These cravings probably just represent your changing nutritional needs during your pregnancy.

That’s a wrap! Now according to these signs, are you having a boy or a girl? And while the guessing game is so much fun, if you want to be certain and get a clear-cut answer, medical tests are your way to go. 😉 

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