Best Gifts for Mama This Mother’s Day

The 15 Best Gifts for Mama This Mother’s Day


Best Gift Ideas for Mom

We know how hard it must be to look for the perfect mother's day gift but don't fret because we round up the best of the best: thoughtful, special, wonderful gifts that every momma will love.


1. Hand Soaps

We all know that because of everything that's happening nowadays, one of our biggest takeaways is the importance of frequent hand-washing, so why not put one fragrant bottle on every sink and every corner of the house, right? Every mom will surely thank you for getting us a set of hand soaps. 

 Mother's Day Gift -Hand soap



2. Snapback Postpartum Leggings

A pair of classic, black, compression leggings? YES. God knows how hard it is to dress up and put on those jeans when I still have baby food stuck in my hair. On times that we know we'll be practically living in leggings, make sure to get the perfect pair to get us through the day. Shop it here.

Best Postpartum Leggings



3. Google Nest Mini

If momma is tech curious then this is perfect for her. Let Google Assistant help her with her personalized schedule, alarms, timers, getting the latest news. It works with most smart devices at home, too! 

Mother's Day Gift -Google Nest Mini



4. Comfortable Nursing Set

Every momma loves getting comfy. Make sure to give her the best body support while making her feel good about herself. Get her this beautiful maternity and nursing set from You! Lingerie. We love the ultra soft fabric and this classic nude color of the Ziva Maternity and Nursing Bra+Panty set will surely make any momma look and feel sexy. Shop it here.


Best Nursing Sat



5. Terrarium Candle

You know how most moms obsess over getting more plants in the house and possibly those pretty terrariums she likes to scroll through on Instagram? Then get her these beautiful terrarium candles she can put beside the tub the next time she gets her much-deserved bubble bath time. We love this one in particular form Uncommon Goods.

Mother's Day Gift - Terrarium Candle


6. Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

I don't know why but for some reason, as we grow older, we get more and more interested in growing our own garden. For us who don't have the green thumb for it, getting these DIY kits to start our sunflower garden dreams is the perfect gift. Shop it here.

Mother's Day Gift - Sunflower Garden Kit


7. Personalized Necklace

We love beautiful, special pieces that were personalized. We appreciate the amount of thought behind it, shows how much you care in getting the perfect mother's day gift for us. Shop it here.

Mother's Day Gift - Personalized Necklace


8. Moisturizing Cream

Mama needs her moisturizer especially on those days we just need a little, extra love by focusing on our skin care routine. Shop our fave Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cream here.


9. Temperature Control Smart Mug

You know how we make ourselves a good cup of coffee in the morning then can't seem to finish it because of the million things we have to do and when we come back, it's just cold and unappealing and we just end up being disappointed? Here's a way to solve that. Shop it here.

Mother's Day Gift - Mug


10. Bouquet of Flowers

You can't go wrong with a classic. We love special days and we still love getting beautifully arranged bouquets💕 


Mother's Day Gift - Bouquet of Flowers



11. Leah Goren Marcella Vase 

Beautifully hand-painted stoneware to hold the bouquet you got us and place it on top of our book table? YES. Yes, please. Shop it here.

Mother's Day Gift - Vase


12. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Let me be the first to tell you before you roll your eyes, I KNOW. But it doesn't hurt for a momma to wish for something really good, right? Just putting it out there and hoping that the universe can hear us. Shop it here.


13. Bath Tub Tray Caddy

FINALLY. We've been wishing for this for sooo long and finally, we can enjoy our much-loved bubble bath time with a glass of wine while enjoying a trashy reality show on Netflix. I swear, any momma will LOVE this. Shop it here.

Mother's Day Gift - Bath Tub Tray Caddy


14. Bubble Bath Time 

YES. Just give us an hour or two of free pass for the entire day. Light a few vanilla-scented candles and play our favorite tunes or a new Modern Love podcast episode while we're relaxing in the tub.

Mother's Day Gift - Bubble Bath



15. Breakfast in Bed 

Seriously, nothing beats starting our day right by making us feel special already. At the end of the day, it's the effort and thought that really counts.

Mother's Day Gift - Breakfast in Bed






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