The Time Has Come! 12 Cute Preggo Announcement Ideas For Every Mom-to-be


Imagine this. 

You’ve been holding on to this huge and important secret for a while - for a good number of personal reasons - and now that Christmas is upon us, you figured that it may be the perfect time to finally share it with your loved ones; but because this secret is so special to us, we want to make sure that sharing it for the first time to them will be just as exciting as when we first found out ourselves that we are (finally) expecting💗

There are sooo many creative pregnancy announcement ideas out there that it’s almost too overwhelming for us to even check Pinterest and Instagram without our heads exploding🤯 Well, don’t worry, soon-to-be-momma, because we got you😉


We round up some of our faves on this list to help you narrow down the search. Are you ready? Let’s go!


Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

  1. So, the hubby still doesn’t know that he’s going to be a dad, why not make it romantic by playing a cute couple’s game. Tell ‘em you’ll just list down things you like about each other… or what about a game listing down the other person’s Christmas wishlist.. Then, tada!
    Pregnancy announcement ideas

  2. Or start his day right. If he’s a coffee guy, then this will definitely be THE BEST coffee he’ll ever have.
  3. Pregnancy announcement ideas

  4. Let your personalities and passion speak for you both. If you’re both into travelling and going to the outdoors, stick to that 🏖
    Pregnancy announcement ideas

    Source: Bianca Tyler (Instagram)

  5. For all the furbaby parents out there. Yup, we see you. This is perfect for announcing that you’re now adding a new line to your CV - from dog mom to actual human mom😜
    Pregnancy announcement ideas with dog


  6. No such thing as ugly Christmas sweater when they’re this cute and special!
    Pregnancy announcement ideas - christmas ugly sweater


  7. Who wouldn’t want to have the tickets to best show ever, right? This is a super creative idea AND such a cute souvenir of the announcement! Go the extra mile and mail this to your loved ones. PS. Be prepared for a lot of phone calls and screaming 😜
    cute souvenir of the preggo announcement


  8. Funny announcement when the hubby realizes that it’s all real now 🤣
    Funny announcement

    Source: Sisanie (Instagram)

  9. Christmas parties = booze. You know your BFFs are going to notice you skipping the wine, anyway, so why not try this announcement?
    Christmas parties skipping the wine because of pregnancy

    Source: Amber (Instagram)

  10. Take that metaphor to the next level 🥰
    Bun in the oven metaphor

    Source: Stacy Keibler (Instagram)

  11. That moment when you didn’t know you can love someone more than you love pizza 🍕
    baby love pizza

    Source: Kiera Godfrey via HowTheyRevealed (Instagram)

  12. For the adventurous couple who’s finally embarking on the biggest adventure of their lives✈️ This looks sooo amazing and we love all the details that thought that just went into it👌
    biggest adventure of their lives

    Source: Riva Ramos via HowTheyRevealed (Instagram)

  13. Sometimes, “loved ones” isn’t just limited to our families and friends. For this mom-to-be, her students are also part of her family and it’s just as important for her to share the good news with her “other kids”🥰💖 We’re not crying over this.. You are!😭
    mom-to-be teacher announcement

    Source: Lindsay via HowTheyRevealed (Instagram)


Found the perfect pregnancy announcement idea from this list? We'd love to see how you did it, so feel free to tag us on your photos! 

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