Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

6 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

What is it about our baby bumps that make people think they can give us their unsolicited comments? While we sincerely appreciate the greetings and well wishes, there are judgments that go way over the line and questions that we wish we never had to think about.
Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman
Here are some of the things that people should NOT say to a pregnant woman (Moms-to-be: Feel free to post this and let the people around you know about it!!)

1. “You look like you’re carrying twins!” / “You don’t look pregnant at all!”

It’s not okay to talk about anyone’s size, let alone a pregnant woman. Not all bodies are created equal and the same goes for pregnancy. There are so many factors that affect changes in a woman’s body. She’s carrying a human being inside her body, do you really have to make her feel bad because you think she’s way too big or way too small? NO. Just no.
Things not say to Pregnant Women

2. "You look sick/exhausted/depressed/like a mess." Ughh! 🤨

We’re pregnant. Our bodies go through 99 different things before getting out of bed. We don’t get that “glow” every single day nor do we have a glam team to make sure we’re pretty everywhere we go.

3. "You shouldn’t eat this… or that.”

Unless you’re our doctor, please refrain from telling us what not to eat. Trust us that we’ve spent so much time reading and researching and talking to other people about it. Did I mention our doctor? Please, Susan. Let me eat in peace.


4. “Let me share with you the worst pregnancy horror stories I’ve heard!”

NO. STOP. DON’T. While this is an amazing and magical moment in our lives, a lot of times we’re also anxious and scared. We’ve watched TV. We’ve seen the movies. We’ve heard similar stories before. We do appreciate your concern but there are other ways you can express it without stressing us out.


5. “Another girl/boy?” followed up with, “Well, hopefully, the next one’s a girl/boy!”

 PSA: Pregnant women do not order their babies from Amazon and select which natal sex they prefer upon checkout. Also, it’s none of anyone else’s business. Just be happy for us and if there’s a next one after this, wish us a healthy baby.


6. “Water birth? Are you crazy?” / “No epidural?! Are you out of your mind?”

We are not crazy. In fact, I’ll keep this one short: Every pregnancy is a journey for every woman. Let us decide for our own bodies.
Trust us that the very minute we knew we’re pregnant, it’s all that we can think about. We’re taking this just as seriously as you are, if not even more. We know what we’re getting ourselves into. The best kind of support that you can give us is just let us know that we are not alone in this, that you’re rooting for us and our baby. 

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