To Cover Or Not To Cover? That Is The Question...

To Cover Or Not To Cover? That Is The Question...
Should a nursing mother have to cover up when she breastfeeds her child in public? This topic always seem to create a divide in the mommy community because many feel it should be kept private and done modestly with the breasts covered.  Others feel breasts are in fact not just a body part put there for decoration. It's main purpose is to feed a hungry baby that needs food and a mother cannot help when her child needs to be fed. So why does it make moms especially in the United States sound off when it comes to breastfeeding in public? What is it about breastfeeding in public that makes people (both men and women) feel so damn sensitive? Okay…I’ll play devil’s advocate and try my hardest not to pick sides, for now. So, here it goes. Opinions of those who are against Nursing in Public (NIP) uncovered, wildly varies. Some argue that NIP uncovered can get sexualized when you have children and teens looking at the breast. They say covering up enhances bonding between mother and child. And some recommend that breastfeeding moms go to the bathroom to nurse their baby. Others have even gone as far as to say we are not some village in Africa where it’s the norm to whip out a boob to feed your baby. Bottom line, they are basically saying it’s rude to nurse your baby uncovered with exposed breasts in public.
Photo Credit: People Magazine

Photo Credit: People Magazine

Those who are for NIP uncovered believe in the whenever, wherever philosophy. They believe that there should be no apologies needed or required for feeding their baby in public uncovered. It is their body so they can do as they please. Their argument is…why is it okay for us as a society to accept and swoon over celebrities who are almost half naked? (Yeah, I’ve seen my share of those), But when a mom breastfeeds her baby in public uncovered, then she is being sexual? Do you see the hypo-criticism with this concept? Nursing In Public, Uncovered Photo Credit: {Jessianne Smudin  @jessiannesmudin | Souls Imagined Photography via Instagram}

Okay, let’s cut the bullshit and get real. Here is my stance on this issue. First off, I will like to clarify that it is absolutely ludicrous to say this is an ISSUE in the first place. Nonetheless, we support both - Covered and Uncovered!!! They are breasts. Yes, they sometimes make beautiful cleavage in my little black dress and yes, they can be made sexual (if that is the woman’s intent but to each his own). But there is nothing sexual about a mother breastfeeding her baby in public and whether she prefers to cover or not cover, it's her decision. She is entitled to do whatever makes her feel comfortable. If you do not like it, please, kindly look the other way. If you are scared your child or teenage son or daughter will see a nipple, simply tell them it’s rude to stare. And let's be real, whether a breastfeeding mom is covered or uncovered, you can't see a lot because they are both discreet anyways. So simply put: HER BREASTS, HER BABY, HER DECISION. Just sayin'. Scroll down and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Where do you stand on this debate? #normalizebreastfeeding

Cover Up for Breastfeeding

...The decision to use a nursing cover is a personal one and varies from mother to mother. Some feel more comfortable with a cover, while others prefer to breastfeed openly. No matter your choice, it's important to remember that you have the right to feed your child in whatever way works best for you and your baby.

Understanding Your Rights: While you navigate this personal choice, it's also crucial to be aware of your rights as a breastfeeding mother in public spaces. Unfortunately, not everyone is informed or respectful of these rights, and you might encounter situations where you are filmed without your consent. For guidance on how to manage such scenarios, take a look at our article on dealing with public video permission while breastfeeding, which offers practical advice and support.

If you are looking for more breastfeeding tips and troubleshooting, you can visit our post of The Breastfeeding Survival Guide to have a playbook of everything you need to know about meeting your breastfeeding goals.

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