To Mamas: Self-Love is Never Selfish

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As moms, it comes naturally to us to put our family first than ourselves. We feel that we can fulfill our roles as mothers only if they are happy. But what does that cost us? 

 Putting yourself last could be the most unselfish act a person can do, but it is definitely not healthy for you, and neither for your family. If you pour out all your love to them, you will be left with almost nothing. Self-love is never selfish. It actually helps you to combat stress. When you love yourself more, it allows you to see your worth and when you do, you will be doing everything else in the name of family love happily and without resentment.


Self-care Tips for Moms

Below are some tips on how you can stay in tune with yourself and prevent the daily stress of being a mom.

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  1. Nourish yourself with healthy food. It gives you the energy to do the things you ought to do throughout the day.
  2. Sleep as early as you can. Try to settle in as early as when you’ve put the kids off to bed. Turn the phone off and take the rest that you need.
  3. Ask your partner for some help with the house chores. It’s not too much to ask for your partner to wash the dishes as you get a warm shower or soak in a bath to feel refreshed after a long day.
  4. Go out (or at least have a virtual date or catch-up). Workout or take a walk with your friend or have a dinner date with your husband. It’s nice to take a breather and have some fun without the kids.
  5. Look for a new hobby or learn a new skill. You can try gardening, painting, drawing, sewing, or even taking self-help or any online course. These activities are good for the brain and help maintain focus.
  6. Get a journal. List your monthly goals and plan ahead. It helps you organize and prioritize things that you need to do and lessens mental workload.
  7. Invest on skincare. No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, but it’s always a great time to start treating your skin with a little more TLC.
  8. Remove unnecessary people from your life. If all you get from them is stress and bad vibes, stop communicating or unfollow them in social media.
  9. Connect with your parents. Since you had you own family, you probably can count of how seldom you have visited your parents and your old home. Try to have a chat with them and reconnect.
  10. Treat yourself once in a while.Go to the salon to get a haircut, get your nails done, and then get a massage afterwards. Buy that gorgeous lingerie or that stylish maternity leggings or that maternity and postpartum activewear you've been eyeing for a while now. Look good and feel good. It is all worth your sacrifices as a mom and a wife.

Do any of these one at a time and see how much difference it can make. Remember that a happy mom means a happy family

Start loving yourself more and share this to some mamas that you know! 

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