Top 8 Breastfeeding Hacks For New Moms

Breastfeeding Hacks For New Moms

Breastfeeding sounds so easy - you just sit down and hold your newborn and let him latch until he is full and watch him fall asleep. If this is true for you, you are so damn lucky because a lot of moms, especially first-time moms, are having it otherwise. Some would say it’s uncomfortable, painful, and the worst of all, they are dreading it when it’s time to feed their little ones! Totally the opposite of what it should feel like. 


Breastfeeding Hacks For New Moms



Best breastfeeding hacks every nursing mom needs

We want you to feel excited about breastfeeding because it is supposed to be a time to bond with your baby. Enjoy and  be happy that you are able to offer him the nutrients that he needs just  from your own body. Trust us, we know the challenges this activity might bring for both you and your precious one, so we round up some of the best breastfeeding hacks to ease your breastfeeding journey. 

1 Wear a shirt on top of another - or the trick called Two Shirt Method

If you haven’t tried this, then you must have experienced getting a part of your upper body exposed when breastfeeding aside from the boob, of course. It’s either a part of your chest when you pull down your shirt from the neckline or your postpartum belly when you pull it up from the hem. The solution - layering two shirts or  tanks. See the photo below for illustration. 

New Moms Breastfeeding Hacks


Get yourself a couple of comfy nursing bras

Can’t I just use my regular bras? 

You can, but if you wish for breastfeeding to get easier, invest in these pieces. They are different from traditional (underwire) bras because nursing bras are non wire most of the time. For larger cup sizes, they may be supported and shaped with soft flexi-wires but still allows a smooth milk flow. They also offer more rows of hook back closures and eyes to adjust with your body. These nursing bras are perfect for breastfeeding especially if they are cotton-lined, soft and breathable. 

Best Nursing Bras

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3 Breastfeeding bag/basket is a life saver.

Nothing can be more frustrating when you’re all in a very comfy position with your baby for feeding time, and then you forget something you need and know you can’t get up to have it! Having a breastfeeding bag or basket immediately solves that. Get one that’s spacious and provides easy access and fill it with what you and your baby needs like a water bottle to keep you hydrated, burp clothes, snacks, nipple cream, wipes, diapers and toys. It’s best to keep everything in one place that you can carry wherever you go. 

Breastfeeding Bag for New Moms



4 Support pillows will be your best friend.

Pillows are made for support and comfort, but do you know what makes them better? Some of them are now specially designed for pregnant and new moms! If you’re aware of pregnancy pillows, you know that they can be bulky. But this maternity and breastfeeding pillow is different - it is compact, but still offers simultaneous belly and hip support. It can be used in a number of different sleep positions as well as a backrest and for baby feeding support. Using this pillow can also make sure that your baby is stable and supported - that his head, neck and spine are not twisted - while you feel relaxed and comfy, too. So much benefit from just one pillow! 

Best Support Pillow for New Moms
Maternity Pillow
Breastfeeding Pillows
Best Maternity Pillow

5 Use nursing bra clips as reminders. 

Since you have to feed your baby multiple times a day, there can be times when you just can’t remember which breast you fed your baby last! Nursing clips can be used not only to hold your shirt up when you are feeding or pumping, but they also serve as a reminder on which side you fed your baby on last. 

6 Use a nursing necklace when breastfeeding (and have peace)

Does your baby always reach out for your face or looks everywhere when they feed? Or maybe you get slapped or pinched by some cute little hands? We get you. Breastfeeding can be frustrating and makes it more complicated when your baby is distracted with all the things around and the two of you just can’t have peace. It’s time that you use this mom hack! Get a nursing necklace - (also used as a teething necklace) it’s a fun and stylish necklace usually with bright colors made of round beads or fabric, perfect for keeping your baby’s attention. Your baby will have his eyes and hands glued to it like magic, and you can now breastfeed in peace.

Nursing Necklace



7 Download a baby nursing app to track anything nursing-related and save you from forgetfulness.

There is an app for everything now - yes, even for nursing! Moms can be busy and tend to forget things more often than we should, and that’s when baby nursing apps come in handy. There can be a lot that you can download on your phone for free - and they mainly help you to remember when your baby last fed, which side he nursed on last and for how long; it also allows you to keep a record of diaper changes, your baby’s growth, and doctor's visits. You can also track your formula feeding sessions if you’re mixed feeding and log in your baby’s sleep schedule. Awesome, right? 


Best Nursing App


8 Use a sling.

Babywearing with a sling or baby carrier will make your life so much easier. You can use it  when breastfeeding when you are on the go. It also frees your hands so you get more things done at the same time!

Baby Sling



Do any of these breastfeeding hacks to get your mom-life a lot easier. Share your own mom hacks in the comments! 

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